Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Wild Women of Boho Are Back

Well, they're back.

And if you didn't see them the first time, you have three chance to see them now.

As I wrote about the show during it's initial run this past April...

These six women - - Jess Godwin, Cassandra Liveris, Vanessa Panerossa, Jennifer Jordan Rhoads, Karen-Marie Richardson, and Blair Robertson - - met a few years ago when they were cast in Bohemian Theatre Ensemble's first production of the musical, THE WILD PARTY.

The show is about them, their lives, the struggles of being a theatre artist, the production that brought them together and their friendships that remain strong to this day.

These women are outstanding musical performers and their musical director, Nick Sula, is a godsend! His arrangements are breathtaking. The music he makes is thrilling.

I co-directed this show, but don't go because of that - - go cause it's great.

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