Monday, August 06, 2007


Here's the skinny on FLIP FLOP, the benefit cabaret I'm singing in for the About Face Youth Theatre.

Monday, August 27
3349 North Halsted
6 p.m.

Join About Face Theatre for an exclusive gender-bent night of showtunes where men perform Broadway hits written for women and women take on the men!

All proceeds directly support the nationally acclaimed About Face Youth Theatre.

starring Amy Armstrong, Freddy Allen, Beckie Menzie, Tom Michael, Honey West, Paul Stovall, Kate Fry, George Keating, Elizabeth Laidlaw, Matthew Amador, Christine Bunuan, David Edelfelt, Amy Matheny, Stephen Rader, K. Todd Freedman, Stephen Nash, Trent Armand Kendall,
Julius Thomas III, Daryl Nitz
cast members of THE COLOR PURPLE, WICKED, SPELLING BEE and more!

Directed by Scott Ferguson
Hosted and Produced by Amy Matheny
Musical Direction by Dustin Pappin

$30 at the door
enjoy 2 complimentary cocktails, raffle prizes and more

If you're unfamiliar with the About Face Youth Theatre, they are...

"dedicated to giving voice to queer youth, creating performance opportunities for young artists, and connecting young activists and artists to LGBTQ leaders in the community."

So, hit Sidetrack on August 27th. I will be singing CAN'T HELP LOVIN' THAT MAN OF MINE and quite possibly will be one of the three, white male DREAMGIRLS.

Can you just see / hear it? Me singing...

"You're lyin', you're lyin',
I've never been so thin!
You're lyin', you're lyin'
'Cause you're knockin' off that piece who thinks she's better than ev'rybody.
She ain't better than anybody!
She ain't nothin' but COMMON!"

Dear Lord, I hope I get to do that!


Lance's friend said...

Can you post clips of this when you have it?

Michael said...

Sounds like fun! You'll be brilliant, no doubt.
Incidentally, whose vajayjay do I need to lick to be able to do one of these shows (I've sucked the weiner, but it's done nothing so far)?

Stephen Rader said...

Lance's Friend - If they video tape this, I will definitely upload some clips. I'll see what I can do!

Michael - Well, if you weren't such a huge star of the stage and currently rehearsing the LEAD in TimeLine's new show, I'm sure they would have asked you. But still, I'll be sure to let Amy know that you would be PERFECT fo the next one of these gigs!

And how much fun would it be for us to be DREAMGIRLS together?!?!?

Michael said...

Amy Armstrong wouldn't know me in a line up. And of course, there is one person in that group I would NEVER want to work with EVER AGAIN!

Stephen Rader said...

Michael - I meant Amy Matheny, not Amy Amstrong. And who would you never want to work with again?

And it better not be me cause I ADORE you!

Michael said...

I stand by the lineup comment.

And it's the director's ex.

Stephen Rader said...

Michael - I am pretty sure Ms. Matheny does know you. And since I never dated Herr Director, I think that means you like me... you really like me! :)

Michael said...

Yes, yes it's true. But GK, not so much.......

And I liked the gayer layout for the site better......but I'll try to get used to this one....

Stephen Rader said...

Michael - I was wondering what people thought of the new layout. I like this much better. I was beginning to feel a little too "Perez Hilton blush 'n bashful" for my taste.

Plus, it's wider. Yum. Wider.

Shirley Heezgay said...

awww....I WANT TO be a Dreamgirl!

Stephen Rader said...

Shirley Heezgay - Alright, baby. You, me and Michael. Let's do it!!!

"We're your Dreamgirls. Boys, we'll make you happy! Yeah, yeah yeah!"