Monday, August 13, 2007

Broadway Idol

My friend Chris in Atlanta sent me this little piece of news about the Roundabout Theater Company's upcoming revival of Terrance McNally's brilliant, bathhouse comedy, THE RITZ...

"The script requires several actors to play patrons of the bathhouse where the action of the comedy is set. Most notable among the new production's "patrons" is former gay porn star Ryan Idol (aka Marc Anthony Donais), who will make his Broadway debut in the show.

"A notable adult film performer in the 1990s (and one-time Playgirl mag
azine nude centerfold), Idol formerly appeared onstage as a replacement star of the off-Broadway comedy Making Porn."

So other than a hot, gay porn star, who else is in the cast? Well, there's Seth Rudetsky of the Broadway Chatterbox.

And there's Rosie Perez playing Googie Gomez - - the role made famous in THE RITZ's original production (and subsequent film version) by Rita Moreno in a Tony winning performance.

Think Ryan Idol will win a Tony for the role of "Patron" in his Broadway debut?

If he does, I just might commit hara-kari.

Or start a career in gay porn. Since obviously, that is the fastest path to The Great White Way.

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