Monday, August 06, 2007

Bree, Lynette, Susan, Gabby... Robbie... & David?

Shirley Heezgay just posted about some breaking small screen news (news? gossip? well-oiled hype?) that - - while I would love for it to be true - - is making me think that DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES creator Marc Cherry is vying for the title of "The Gay Ashton Kutcher."

(Gay Ashton Kutcher. Wouldn't that be nice?)

Anyway, what I mean is, I think we're all being Punk'd.

According to the TransWorldNews report...

"Soccer star David Beckham and British singer Robbie Williams is reportedly set to star in the hit show 'Desperate Housewives' as a gay couple. The show’s creator, Marc Cherry, said he wanted to add a gay couple to the script to 'spice things up.'"

Marc Cherry is quoted in the article as saying...

"David and Robbie are perfect to star as the new neighbors’ best friends; the gorgeous, eccentric couple flown over from Blighty (Britain).

"We haven’t has th
at kind of wow for the wives since Jesse Metcalf left and we want it to cause such a stir when they turn out to be together.

"David’s keen, but though the obvious choice was to work with Tom Cruise, we wanted someone who matches him in height and well, Britishness, so Robbie is the one."

Again, I would love for this to be true. I would love it so hard. But...

I can hear Marc Cherry laughing at us right now as we salivate over the details.

Maybe - - maybe! - - Robbie Williams will be one of the gay "housewives" on DP this season, but y'all...

David Beckham moved to L.A. to play soccer AND to appear in an ABC dramedy?!?!

I'm gullible and I might - - might! - - have believed it, if Mr. Cherry hadn't used two little words. Two little words gave him away.

"Tom Cruise."

Saying "Tom Cruise" these days is an easy way to get a laugh. Like using the word "pleather." I just makes people giggle.

And gives people a little clue that you're pulling their leg.

Special Note to Shirley Heezegay: I SINCERELY hope that I'm wrong about this whole story being a red herring.

And to answer your question of "Who will be the bottom?" - - Beckham or Williams - - I think I was wrong when I said Robbie would probably play the bottom.

I mean, even though Beckham is flagging left in this picture, doesn't that pose just say "Receiver?"

Hell, if he thinks that makes him a top, that is fine with me! I just wanna be in there somewhere.

Pun intended.


Shirley Heezgay said...

Believe me, no one wants this to be more true than me.

Well, and you.

Isn't a red herring a kind of fish.

I don't eat seafood. Allergic. I'll die! I'll just die!

Lance Noe said...

OH mr. williams makes me want to rip my clothes of and take myself, right there on the kitchen table. THAT BOY IS HOT!

Stephen Rader said...

Shirley Heezgay - Yeah, I was feeling a little too "Tim Curry in CLUE: THE MOVIE" when I pulled "red herring" out of my limited, redneck vocabulary. That line where he goes, "Communism was just a red herring."

Yes, I know that movie backwards and forwards.

Yes, I live alone. :)

Lance - I wouldn't kick either one of 'em out of bed for eating crackers. Hell, I wouldn't kick either one of 'em out of anywhere, period! Unless he's into being kicked and in that case, let's go!!

Yes, I'm a tramp.

Lance's friend said...

This from TV guide channel online:
Get ready for some Desperate Housepartners. According to, a gay couple will move to Wisteria Lane around Episode 5. "We're going to have the first male desperate housewives," show creator and head writer Marc Cherry told the website. "They will move into the old Applewhite house, and one of the gay men will just have a fractious, hateful relationship with Teri Hatcher."

Cherry said he’ll draw from his own life for inspiration. “Susan (Hatcher) wants to be so politically correct and show how open-minded she is [that] she puts her foot in her mouth instantly and it goes downhill from there,” Cherry said. “I'm basing it a little bit on my relationship with my neighbors.” The only thing still up in the air is who will play the new characters. “We just started writing the episodes," Cherry said. "So I probably won't start casting for another few weeks." — Reporting by Ali Gazan

Stephen Rader said...

Lance's Friend - Love you, love you, LOVE YOU!!! Thanks for "the skinny" from TV Guide!

Master Aaron said...

Willie and Becky aren't available...all tied up...too busy to talk...

Lance's friend said...


Stephen Rader said...

Master Aaron - Now, YOU are a someone I would love to see as the new "Desperate Housewife!" Bree had to get into some major S&M with Rex in the first season. Maybe you could teach her a few new tricks to use on Orson.

Lance's Friend - Master Aaron refers to Beckham as "Beckie." It's from one of their scenes together. It involves a Catholic school girl outfit, an old Speak 'N Spell and fourteen kazoos. I'll leave it at that.