Tuesday, August 07, 2007

TMI Tuesday

My TMI Tuesday #5. I'm starting to like these things.

1. What is the worst/corniest pick up line someone has used on you and/or you used?

It was my second time in my hometown's gay bar, The Carousel II. I was just barely 18 and I was standing next to the sunken, "light up," disco dance floor waiting for my friend Scot to arrive.

Yep. An 18 year old boy all alone in a gay bar. Wearing a little too much Drakkar Noir. It was like blood in the water to the pack of sharks in that place.

This thin-as-a-rail queen kept walking around and around me. He was as drunk as he was trashy, and after his 114th orbit, he stopped, looked at his friend a few feet away, then stared right into my eyes and said in the most nasal, Appalachian accent...

"Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, I sure would like me some of that!"

Yeah. Dream on, Klingon.

2. Have you ever gone out on a date with someone and went home with someone else? Explain.

Nope, not even close. I was raised right.

But a few years ago, my ex-bf showed up at my birthday party and ended up screwing my then-current-bf in my bedroom while my apartment was full of party guests.

Do I get "Bizarro Credit" for that one?

3. What is the worst thing (spread a rumor, hook up with their SO, etc...) that you did to a friend? Did they do anything to deserve it?

I honestly can't think of a thing.

Believe me, I'm no saint, and when I feel I've been wronged, I lash out like a Southern bitch, but I don't intentionally set out to hurt my friends. Not at all.

4. What is your favorite sex scene in a regular movie (not porn)? Why?

Hands down, the first love scene between Maurie and Scudder in the film MAURICE.

Scudder puts a ladder to the 2nd floor window of the bedroom where Maurice is staying, climbs into the room, walks over to him and without a word, they begin to kiss furiously.

Silence and passion.

Sexy and romantic and perfect.

5. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? What would you change on your SO?

I would love to have a beautiful head of hair. Mine started falling out at 19, which if don't know, sucks donkey balls.

I shave my head out of necessity. People who HAVE hair and shave their head boggle my mind. If you can grow hair, GROW IT! I'm doomed to look like Daddy Warbucks - - you have a choice!!

Bonus (as in optional): What countries, other than your own, have you had sex in? Was it someone on the trip with you? Someone from that country?

I had sex in Tokyo with a guy from the FOSSE! tour. We met me in Chicago, had a hot little week of fun, and then he flew me - - that's right FLEW ME!... as in "paid for my trip" - - to Tokyo to be with him for the week the show was there.

And did I mention this guy was a PRINCIPLE DANCER on the FOSSE! tour?!? This man had an ass you could bounce coins off of. When he moved, he rippled.

And he flew ME to Tokyo!

International Booty Call, y'all. THAT'S how good I AM!!!


Palm Springs Savant said...

WOW Tokyo...I AM impressed Stephen!Now tell us more about his rock-hard, coin-bouncing ass....

Stephen Rader said...

Rick - Well, let's just say it felt GOOD... in SO many ways. :)

Lance's friend said...

Geez, I can't even get a guy to drive from Gatlinburg for a booty call. You must be very, very good.

Stephen Rader said...

Lance's Friend - Well, I'm not always that "on my game," but when my motor is running, I can make eyes roll back in ecstasy with the best of them! :)