Thursday, August 09, 2007


Last night, Eric and Philip and I went to a little benefit at T's for the workshop production of a new play by my friend, Danny Bernardo. His play, HYPE, is being produced by one of the best producers in Chicago, Mike Checuga.

I don't know very much about the play, but I know Danny and Mike and if this is their project, then this is definitely one workshop production that must be seen.

Here's all the info:

4+1 Productions presents the workshop of HYPE, a play by local actor Danny Bernardo, featuring songs by indie folk rock sensation Christopher Dallman. A social commentary on life as a gay celebrity and the Big Brother machine that is the media, at heart HYPE is a love story: finding true love, keeping it and ultimately dealing with its loss.

Andrew Jordan , a former child star, lives somewhat happily with his long-term boyfriend Paul (a writer), their best friends Sheila (a would-be journalist) and Kyle (a lovable slacker, wannabe musician) in a one bedroom apartment in North Hollywood . The problem: no one is taking him seriously as an adult actor. When he gets discovered waiting tables to head a new teen drama, he gets caught up in the battle to stay on top. When the media frenzy that accompanies fame begins to take its toll on his relationship with Paul and stands in the way of his two best friends falling in love, Andrew must ultimately decide what is more important: his dreams of being a famous actor or living a life that is true to himself and those he loves.

The workshop will run at
The Cornservatory, 4210 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60618.

BOX OFFICE # 773.355.1752

The performances will be Wednesday, August 22 through Saturday, August 25 at 8p and Sunday, August 26 at 3p. All performances will be followed by a post-show discussion.

Admission is $10 General Donation, $7 Student & Industry Donation


Lance Noe said...

OH MY GOD, there are boys kissing in that picture! GRODY COMODY!

where do i get tickets again?

Stephen Rader said...

Lance - I'll take care of the tickets. You take pictures of all the hot boys kissing during the performance, okay?