Friday, August 10, 2007

The Party That Lost It's Way

Bill In Exile posts several different, informative and incisive "Quotes of the Day" on their blog. Today's quote, written in a post by blogger Down With Tyranny, was too perfect not to pass on here.

Hopefully, Bill in Exile and Down With Tyranny won't me me posting this here. This tells it like it is. And this is why in my opinion, Ron Paul is the ONLY potential Republican candidate to be considered in the 2009 race.

"The Republican Party crafted themselves a brain dead, zombie-like base, incapable of independent thought and Pavlovian in it's response to the dog whistles from Hate Talk Radio and Fox-TV — commercial enterprises catering to the lowest-information groups and most bigoted people in the country. And now Republican politicians, who were all too willing to feed that tiger are realizing that they're the next meal."

If you want to know why I am fast becoming a supporter of Ron Paul's bid for the Presidency, simply visit his site, or better yet, do a search for him on YouTube.

Ron Paul is the anti-neocon. He makes decisions based on his core values - - primarily his steadfast belief in defending and upholding The Constitution of the United States.

And while I don't agree with everything Congressman Paul says, it is refreshing to hear a candidate firm in his resolve, even when his stance on an issue might be unpopular with his supporters.

I never in a million years would have believed that I would consider endorsing a Republican, but Congressman Paul isn't the kind of Republican people my age and younger have grown to despise; as I understand it, he is a true Republican with ties that stretch back to the creation of his Party.

The media may not want to allow Congressman Paul the same amount of air time as the horrific Mitt "Double Guantanamo" Romney, but the American People have found him on YouTube and we're slowly making his voice heard.

Listen to him. Let me know what you think.

UPDATE - 8/10/07 - 10:50 AM - Last night, Philip sent me this excellent article about Ron Paul from Seattle's THE STRANGER and I forgot to add it to this post. Check it out.


Aaron said...

I think Ron Paul is about the sanest of the Republicans (which is saying NOTHING, but he seems to have his head squarely on his shoulders, anyway).

Stephen Rader said...

Aaron - True. It's sort of like being the sane man at the asylum, but I really like what he says and what he stands for.

If I tell my father that I'm supporting a Republican candidate, he might start hoping for a daughter-in-law again. I'm not sure his mind can take it. :)

Patrick said...

Hey love your blog.
If you like Ron Paul you should check out Dennis Kucinich (if you haven't already).
He was the only representative to vote against the war in Iraq from the start. He introduced the articles to impeach Cheney. He supports gay marriage -not just civil unions. In short he's the kind of politician I thought could not really exist. An honset, straightforward politician who works for the people.

Stephen Rader said...

Patrick - I love Dennis Kucinich, as well. THE STRANGER article in this post mentions that a Paul / Kucinich ticket would be a huge favorite, and I agree, but I doubt it would ever happen.

Thanks for the link and for the nice words about my blog.