Tuesday, October 31, 2006

And It Begins...

Well, after reading Mike's blog and Alexandra's blog and Alanda's blog and a little BadNewsHughes for laughs that annoy my neighbors, I am now jumping on the Blog Bandwagon.

And since my schedule is going from zero to JLo in the next week, this is either very smart marketing or another instance of me stupidly overextending myself!

Now, for a little plug...ok...I know what you're thinking...a little plug would get lost, so let's just start with a big one...and work our way UP!

I'm currently running a great new cabaret show with the fabulous Jeff Roscoe which centers on the music and comedy of Bette Midler. Its called MIDLER ON THE ROOF. Yeah...you can tell its very serious, very high brow cabaret. Very Edith Piaf by way of Rip Taylor in the sauna at Steamworks.

Next up, I am starting rehearsals for THE funniest play I have ever performed in. Its UGLY BABY, written by Philip Dawkins and directed by Eric Reda. We go in two weeks at Strawdog Theatre on Friday and Saturday nights at 10:30 pm. This play is incredible - - in once scene I play two different characters who get into a fight with each other. It ain't right! Check out this link to the incredible site for the show that Eric has put together: http://uglybaby.4ringcircus.net/

And I'm also starting initial music rehearsals for SEUSSICAL with Emerald City Theatre. We go up in January. I'm playing the Cat in the Hat - - a role that has always gone to the greats in musical theatre history...Kathy Rigby...Rosie O'Donnell...you know...the modern day Lunts of the Great White Way!

That's all for my first post. Well, I'll close with my favorite new quote. Its by Barack Obama from an interview he gave last week. He said, "I inhaled - that was the point."