Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Art Isn't Easy"

Oh. My. God.

With a Cubs hat on.

I would have been booing the Cubs hat on a Picasso statue.


"The Homosexuals"

If you're in Chicago, join me this Monday, October 6th for a public reading of Philip Dawkins' new play, THE HOMOSEXUALS.

I attended a rehearsal for this reading last night and the play is spectacular. As are all of his plays. And everything he does.

Where & When: AV-Aerie (2000 W. Fulton) at 7:30 p.m.

All the cool kids will be there.

"Which Housewife Are You"

I just took the new "Which Housewife Are You?" quiz from the Desperate Housewives web site.

Months ago, I was a Lynette.

Now, I'm a Katherine.

I'm not sure what happened, but I love it.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Especially if you try to open a catering business with me.

"Moose and Squirrel"

My friend Karen sent me this yesterday.

I believe she said that Doug from I Get That a Lot sent it to her.

Not only is Sarah Palin so stupid that when she sees a sign that says "Wet Floor," she does...

She's also a cold blooded killer...

TMI Tuesday

A very sexy TMI Tuesday...

1. What do you feel is the difference between sexy and erotic?

Certain things can be sexy because they are meant to or are trying to be sexy - - lingerie, leather, etc. Depending on what you do with it, anything can be erotic.

For instance, ice in an ice cube tray isn't sexy, but when you take a cube out and rub it over your partner's nipple - - or even your own nipple if it's a Sunday night and Desperate Housewives is a rerun - - then ice becomes erotic.

Men are particularly good at making just about anything erotic. A man can walk into your kitchen and see you cleaning your oven - - literally, not figuratively - - and he'll tell you it would really get him off if you would spray Easy Off all over your chest.

While he watches you do that, he'll jerk himself off and say over and over...

"That's hot. That's fucking hot!"

You see? Easy Off would never be considered sexy, but to some, it could be erotic. And apparently, very hot.

2. Do you believe there is one right person (i.e. soul mate) for you out there in the world, or that there can be many different potential mates that you could live blissfully with?

I believe in soul mates - - plural.

The way I see it, each of us is like a puzzle piece, and there are many different people who can fit perfectly to one of our sides.

We'd have to be rather boring creations if only one person in the entire would could fit with us.

3. Do you need to hear "I love you" or similar words on a regular basis from your partner?

When I get one, I'll tell you.

But I can tell you from past experience that I don't "need" to hear it, but I like to hear it. Especially when he means it.

4. What feeling do you have the most difficulty expressing?

Anger. True rage. I know that my friends will laugh at that, because I'm so blunt at expressing my opinion, but my Southern training still tells me over and over that it's wrong to be rude, even when you're being treated cruelly.

I'm getting over that, little by little. So if you think I'm a bitch now, wait. Just wait.

5. What is worse - physical, mental or cyber cheating?

If you and your partner have an arrangement that specifically says "no one else - - just us," then physical and cyber cheating are the worst.

Mental cheating? You're really going to give your partner shit for fantasizing? Get a life.

But if someone wants to go, let them go. When it comes to straying, my father's advice is always the best. As he says...

"If you have to tie up your dog, it ain't your dog."

Bonus (as in optional): The Kinsey scale attempts to describe a person's sexual history or episodes of their sexual activity at a given time. It uses a scale from 0, meaning exclusively heterosexual, to 6, meaning exclusively homosexual. Where are you - TODAY - on the scale?

Today, yesterday and any day in the future, I'm a 6.

They could "cure" homosexuality tomorrow and I will still be a 6.

And thank Christ for that. Someone's got to direct all the revivals of Oklahoma, for God's sake!!!

Super Tuesday

I never thought that anyone would look as hot as John Wesley Shipp in a Flash costume.

I was wrong.

I know that Ryan Reynolds might possibly play the Scarlett Speedster if that (probably disastrous) Justice League of America movie ever gets off the ground.

But the producers should find this boy - - this unknown - - and give him a part in the movie.

He may not need it, though.

Something tells me there is nothing wrong with the part he has. Nothing wrong at all.


Monday, September 29, 2008

"A Tall Drink of Water"

Last night, I met a theatre legend - - Mr. Tommy Tune.

He's been in Chicago for weeks now working on The Goodman Theatre's new musical Turn of the Century, which opens tonight.

Our cute friend Dan has been working on the show and arranged for me and Philip to attend last night's press opening. And to meet Mr. Tune in the lobby beforehand.

Mr. Tune is a wonderful performer and an outstanding director, but I had a question for him. You see, my major professor in college, Al Harris, used to tell us that he and his wife drove from Texas to New York with Tommy Tune back in the 60's to start their careers. I always thought it was pure horseshit.

So, when I told Mr. Tune that my theatre professor in college was Al Harris he said...

"Al and Mamie! I traveled from Texas to New York with them after college. And we all shared an apartment. Which was difficult."

I said, "Yes, because Al and Mamie are rather large people," and he grinned that huge, famous grin of his.

His face lit up when I mentioned my professor's name. He went on to tell me that Al was a very big deal when they were in college because he was cast in a small role in the film State Fair.

Tommy Tune talking about my college professor as a "big deal." This from the man who has NINE Tony Awards.

I guess getting an education back in the hills of East Tennessee wasn't all that bad after all.

Anyway y'all - - I met Tommy Tune!!!! Thank you, Dan!

"Avengers Assemble"

This picture has been floating around for the past few days.

It's Eva Longoria, allegedly in the Marvel Comics garage, holding a stack of comic books.

More importantly, she's holding an Avengers comic.

This, of course, has led to incredible rumor and speculation that Eva is being considered to play Janet Van Dyne - - a.k.a. The Wasp - - when Marvel finally begins to film their Avengers movie.

Some hate this, some love this.

Seeing as how Marvel has to finish the scripts, then film and release the movies base on Captain America and Thor before an Avengers movie can even begin to become a reality, it's a little early in the game to start worrying or thinking about who will play who.

But Eva Longoria as a superhero who has been known to change her costume in nearly every issue due to her brilliant fashion sense - - I buy it.

And Eva would look hot covered in spandex with little wings on her back. Just sayin'...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My New Favorite Caption Contest #36

When it came to choosing a winner for the #35 Caption Contest, I was very tempted to name Steve's submission of...

"Am I too late for the Cheetos orgy?"

...simply because of this picture of me and Missy Young with Chester Cheeto during last week's AIDS Walk.

(More AIDS Walk pics to come.)

But Kevin, the blogger formerly known as Shirley Heezgay who currently has a great new blog entitled The Lisp submitted a caption that I think sums up EXACTLY what is going through this cute, shirtless boy's mind as he stand surrounded by a sea of orange...

"Let's see...rhymes with orange? oh, i know...Loser. 
Not all poetry rhymes, ya know."

Great caption, Kevin.  Very "a sane man in an insane world."

And speaking of the insane... 

Well, Sarah Palin isn't "insane," but let's face it - - after that Katie Couric interview, we all know she's not the brightest bulb in the box, right?  She probably has to study for her Pap Test.

So, what was she thinking when she met with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.  Or better yet, what was Kissinger thinking when he met the Alaskan Governor who can see Russia from her house?

The possibilities for a caption here are endless.  And the fact that she might possibly lead our nation is both ridiculous and frightening, isn't it?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

"To Be an Actor You Have To Be a Child"

With the sad news of Paul Newman's passing, I was searching for a quote about him.  Instead, I found the quote above from him.

And then I found this quote from him.  About us...

“I'm a supporter of gay rights. And not a closet supporter either. From the time I was a kid, I have never been able to understand attacks upon the gay community. There are so many qualities that make up a human being... by the time I get through with all the things that I really admire about people, what they do with their private parts is probably so low on the list that it is irrelevant.”

He was a great man, a great actor, a great philanthropist.  

He will be missed.

"He's a Rebel & He'll Never, Ever Be Any Good"

I haven't chosen a New Imaginary Boyfriend in quite a long time.  But I feel it's time for a change. 

Johnny Hazzard just happens to be Philip's favorite porn star.

Philip calls him "J-Hazz."  

I know... 

It's a little too "Access Hollywood / Extra / Entertainment Tonight" for Philip, but please don't hold it against him...

You don't mind me taking Mr. Hazzard (for my boyfriend and from behind) temporarily, do you Philip? 

I can loan you Shane Rollins for awhile...

"Please Help Me, I'm Falling..."

Our economy, in a nutshell...

...a busted nutshell, but still...

"That Ryan Fella Is Drivin' Me Crazy"

I just found out why Gladys Hardy reminds me of my Grandmother Rader - - she was born in Knoxville, TN just like me!

She's just a few years younger than my grandparents, who are already gone. Maybe she knew them. I doubt the earth could have taken that much funny together in one place for too long...

How much you want to bet that the "young man that calls Bingo at Big Star Bingo" has a lot of Judy Garland songs on his iPod, tickets to his last three Cher concerts displayed on his refrigerator and doesn't know why the history on his laptop shows the last site he visited was Johnny Hazzard's Hazzard Central?

Or as my grandmother referred to her hairdresser...

"He's a little funny.
A real nice boy, but a little funny."

"Bond, James Bond"

I friggin' can't wait for this...

The end of the clip says October 31st, but that's the UK Opening of Quantum of Solace. The USA Opening is November 14th. Who wants to attend the midnight showing on November 13th with me?

Be warned: I am a HUGE Bond freak. Huge. And if Daniel Craig is stripped naked again in this movie, I will be screaming like an 8 year old girl at a Jonas Brothers concert. Just sayin'...

Friday, September 26, 2008

"A Spectacular Train Wreck You Have to Watch"

In yet another "What the fuck are they thinking?" musical-to-be moment, my friend Ruth sent me this...

"Plans are afoot for a stage musical adaptation of 'American Psycho,' the Bret Easton Ellis novel that was adapted into a 2000 film starring 'Dark Knight' actor Christian Bale.

"The Johnson-Roessler Company, The Collective and XYZ Films have partnered to 'acquire, develop and produce the live stage version,' according to a press statement. No dramatists have been confirmed for the production, which will feature a mix of original music and hit tunes from the eighties.

"In a statement co-producer Johnson said, American Psycho continues to be a cultural phenomenon. Ellis' book contains so many memorable lines and musical references that a live musical production is the perfect fit. The character of Patrick Bateman has become an icon for fans of Ellis' book and the film adaptation, and now we can bring this dark but comical world of greed to the stage in an entertaining and thought-provoking way.

"Writer Ellis added, 'This is the perfect storm of creative people to turn American Psycho into an entertaining musical play. American Psycho's essence is the high-flying 80s, the decadence and the music — together, they are the equivalent of a spectacular train wreck you have to watch.'"

Speaking of a "spectacular train wreck," as with the upcoming Spider-Man musical, I can't help but think that American Psycho: The Musical! will undoubtedly turn out like another horror movie turned musical - - Carrie: The Musical!

For those you who don't know the musical version of Carrie...

...Which ran for 15 previews and 5 performances and is considered to be the worse musical ever written, probably because no one in New York was present for a reading of a musical I did during the Stages Festival a few years back entitled "The Money Tree," which was one of those shows that was so horrifically bad, I actually encouraged my friends to see it so we would be able to laugh and drink about it for years
 to come...

...here's a little clip of Pat Collins' Opening Night television review.  Some people think this show was judged too harshly; I am not one of those people...

I'm all for a hot, naked man running around with a chain saw covered in blood...

...especially when that man is Christian Bale...

...but when you add showtunes to that, I lose my hardon.  


Fratboy Friday

With the economy sinking faster than my ass, I need to see some hot boys, don't you?


Dolce & Gabbana never looked so good.

I like my distressed, couture caps accessorized with a deep tan and a gun show, don't you?



Oh Billy, you're sunburned. You know the best thing for a sunburn, don't you?

That's right, Billy. A blow job.

So, get to it.



If only I had seen this last week in South Carolina.

So many options, so many entrances,
and the time to try them all when you're on vacation.



How much alcohol do you think it took for these three guys to come together - - pun intended - - in a pair of what looks to be my father's underwear?

And how much do they have to drink to allow me to be in the middle of the three of them? Naked? As a friend.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

"I Don't Want Realism, I Want Magic!"

Things ain't right.

A) In some fucked up, Bizarro World version of Robin Hood, the powerful are coming to the rescue of the rich so that they can continue to rob from the poor.

B) Clay Aiken's reasoning for finally coming out of the closet was...

"I cannot raise a child to lie or to hide things.
I wasn't raised that way, and I'm not going to raise a child to do that."

...which makes no fucking sense, because if he was raised not to lie and yet lied to everyone about his sexual orientation for years and years, then obviously, raising a child not to lie DOESN'T FUCKING WORK!

And worse than being an illogical fag, Clay is also allegedly a top. Which makes me laugh and throw up a little in my mouth at the same time.

C) And in a bizarre twist that makes as much sense "green" Clorox, Kenley was NOT eliminated last night on Project Runway.

Even though her idea of "Hip-Hop" looks more to me like...

"Jersey Girl Goes to Long Island Bar for Beer Night with Her Friend, Sheila and Gets, Like, Totally Wasted."

For a brief moment, I felt sorry for Suede. Then, he said "Rock it" and I remembered why I hate him so much.

Does anyone else just want to throw a grenade into the workspace at Parson's and blow this season's assortment of bitchy, narcissistic, less-than-talented designers off of the planet and away from Bryant Park?


In a world where a woman who named her children Track and Trig could possibly make it one irritable bowel movement away from the Presidency, wouldn't you rather live in a place where Stephen Colbert is still running for President?

In the Marvel Universe, he is.

I haven't been this excited since Patsy and Edina met Roseanne and Jackie.

It's helping me get through the crazy.

"Well, I'm Sure That Means Somethin'"

I'm more than a little homesick this week after getting to spend time with my family last week.

I hadn't seen any of them since December, which is about as long as we've ever been apart. And you know, one week with my mother and my brother and three hours chatting with my father at (where else?) a bar just isn't enough to make up for all that lost time.

But I stumbled across this clip on YouTube and it immediately brought me back home in a completely different way. I don't watch The Ellen Degeneres Show - - unless Dolly Parton or Elaine Stritch happen to be one of Ellen's guests - - so I hadn't been introduced to Gladys Hardy, the charming Southern lady who Ellen apparently calls and talks to during her show.

My Grandmother Rader was also named Gladys. She was the funniest, kindest, and in both body and spirit, she was the largest woman who ever lived on Beaumont Avenue in Knoxville, TN.

When we would visit her and my grandfather as kids, she would open the screen door before my brother and I could even step up on the porch and shout...

"Who are these pretty boys comin' up my walk?
I ain't never seen such good-lookin'
boys in all my life!"

...and then, she would kiss us and hug us in her huge arms. Absolute safety and love.

She's been dead for over 15 years, but when I heard Gladys Hardy's voice, all I could think of was that she sounded exactly like my grandmother.

Except my grandmother never drank a drop of alcohol her entire life. She could shoot a pistol with the best of 'em, but drink alcohol? Not on your life.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Makes Everything Taste Like Bacon"

The ever-fabulous Eric McCool sent me this and I can't think of a better way to cure my Southern homesickness than by buying this product... Bacon Salt!  

As the tagline on their web site says...

"Bacon Salt is a zero calorie, zero fat, vegetarian and kosher seasoning that makes everything taste like bacon."

Everything?  My mind is flashing to a bacon-flavored blowjob.  

Suddenly, I understand how Anna Nicole Smith was able to go down on J. Howard Marshall and not be completely grossed out. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are"

Mikey at The Gospel According to Mikey just informed me of this...

Clay Aiken is coming out of the closet. As my roommate in college used to say...

"Wait, let me put my surprise face on."

Not that we didn't already know.  Well, maybe the Claymates didn't know.  Bless their hearts.

It reminds me of what Paul Lynde told a woman when he was signing autographs after a play he was in. The woman asked how come Paul hadn't found the right woman and gotten married.  Mr. Lynde, wearing a caftan, said to her...

"Do you live in a cave?"

Paul Lynde.  Now, there was a gay man you could get behind.  I have no idea if that pun was intended or not.

"Dolly for President.

Dolly Parton was on The Ellen Degeneres Show yesterday...

...Thanks to all those who emailed me to let me know that Dolly was going to be Ellen's guest. Unfortunately, my TiVo once again chose to record the wrong channel. I'm not speaking to it until it apologizes and buys me a nice dinner...

...and Ellen asked...

Ellen Degeneres: "Your fans have actually said they think you should run for Office some day, that you should run for President. That's how much your fans believe in you. Is that something that you would even be interested in, to run for Office?"

Dolly Parton: "Don't you think we've had enough boobs in the White House?"

'Atta girl! That's why I love me some Dolly!

P.S. If you want to hear some bootleg recordings from the L.A. Premiere of Dolly's musical version of 9 to 5, check out this YouTube channel. Especially the song The One I Love, a beautiful new Dolly Parton ballad.

"Spider-Man, Spider-Man. Does Whatever a Spider Can."

Well, this is it. As Sister Myotis says, "This is an End Times sign"...

"The new Julie Taymor musical Spider-Man could arrive on Broadway as early as 2009, according to a report on IESB.net.

"Lion King Tony winner Taymor will direct Spider-Man, which features a score by Bono and The Edge of U2. No casting, theatre or timetable has been announced."

Since I'm a musical theatre-loving, fanboy fag, you might think that this news would have me bouncing off of and trying to crawl up the walls. But no.

Even with the great, visionary director Julie Taymor at the helm, I can't help thinking that we're about to suffer through another It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman.

For those of you who don't know that show, here's just a small taste of just how bad the combination of showtunes and superheroes can be...

TMI Tuesday

A TMI Tuesday peppered with appropriate someecards...

1. What is the strangest thing you have ever inserted or seen inserted (in a sexual manner) in person?

Let's just say that I never walk past a traffic cone, a pool table or the produce section of a supertmarket without smiling.

How's that?

2. Have you ever had sex anyone whose name started with a J?

No one told me I had to know their names. I'm sure there was one that started with a J in there somewhere.

3. Have you ever been outside completely naked?

Does John McCain have an enlarged prostate? Yes and yes.

4. Do you prefer music, tv, or other noise in the background when you have sex?

It doesn't matter to me what's playing in the background. I much more prefer that the person (or persons) I'm with having sex with are makes noise. And a lot of it.

I can't stand guys who fuck like a Quaker in church.

5. Have you ever used ice for sexual purposes?

Bags of it, baby. Bags of it. Thank God the 7-Eleven is open 24 hours.

Bonus: Have you ever been propositioned for group sex?

Propositioned, accepted said proposition and followed through on my acceptance.

Though, the larger the group you have sex with, the more thank you letters you have to write, and that can be a bit of a bitch when it's above 25. Just sayin'...

Super Tuesday

I look at this guy and I think...

"Batman in a belly shirt."

But I hear it in that sing-songy way that Chris Farley said...

...in Tommy Boy.

Do you think this is what the Batsuit will look like if Tim Drake takes over as the Dark Knight at the end of Batman R.I.P.?

I can dream, can't I?

Monday, September 22, 2008

"Is That a Soccer Ball in Your Pants Or Are You Just Incredibly Happy to See Me?"

Many thanks to Rob over at Seduced by the New... for introducing me to this commercial by Bonds promoting their Fit Short.

It's bizarre, highly erotic and all about ball play.  Just like a Saturday night at my place.

Hey Lance, if I visited you there in Australia and I kicked a soccer ball to a cute boy on the street, would he automatically start stripping in public while he played with my ball?

Be aware that if you answer yes, I will crashing on your couch for a VERY long time.

"Apache! Jump On It, Jump On It, Jump On It!"

I'm leaving to join the touring cast of Mamma Mia at 3160 for the sound check for tonight's Season of Concern benefit.

I wish I had a little time to post some of the pictures I took on last week's vacation with my mom and my brother, but since I don't, how about a little video teaser?

This is my mother and my brother in their version of a dance I had never heard of till Jeff introduced it to me and my mom last week - - Apache (Jump On It) by the Sugarhill Gang.

Apparently, this is the new Chicken Dance at weddings these days. God help us...

I love my mother's change of choreography the third time around. She doesn't do the turn and instead twirls both arms inward. When I mentioned that I liked her little change, she said...

"Oh Hell, I was tired."

As always, less is more. Unless you're Cher.

"I Can See Russia From My House!"

While I was lounging on a beach in Palmetto Dunes, eating bbq served by a cute waiter named Josh wearing a nametag that said "Bubba" at a restaurant named One Hot Mama, and basically doing a whole lot of absolutely nothing, I missed this now classic Saturday Night Live opening sketch.

I'm sure everyone has probably already seen this, but I just watched it and Philip is right - - the meta moment of Amy Poehler playing Hilary Clinton referencing Sarah Palin's "Tina Fey glasses" as she stands beside Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin is brilliantly funny.

Sarah Palin: "It just goes to show that anyone can be President."

Hilary Clinton: "Anyone. Anyone. ANYONE!"

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My New Favorite Caption Contest #35

There were some great captions submitted for last week's caption contest.  I think this little piece of "Redneck Heaven in a Ballcap" helped explain my love of tight-bodied, "Scattered, Smothered and Covered" Waffle House Southerners who shake Darwin's theories of evolution and natural selection to their very core.

The winning caption was once again the first caption submitted.  Mikey from The Gospel According to Mikey is incredibly cute and his caption had just enough of a callback to Dolly Parton's latest album that I had no choice but to make it the winning caption...

"Backwoods Ken: Sex appeal included, brains sold separately."

Mikey is so right - - this 2008 version of The Rifleman definitely has sex appeal. Sure, his family only recently evolved opposable thumbs, but he's sexy.  And packin'.

I chose this week's picture because of the sports fans bathed in orange, something I saw way too much of this past Friday evening as the UT Vols (my alma mater) were gearing up to play the Florida Gators on Saturday...

If I had seen one more "UT football" orange and white t-shirt with the words "My Blood Runs Deep Orange" emblazoned on the front, I would have gone postal by way of Deliverance.  And since I don't play the banjo and my parents are not cousins, I just can't pull that off.

But I'm better now.  And I can admire the shirtless boy in the center, even though he's surrounded by orange t-shirts, an orange "trace your hand and make a turkey" dude to his right (wtf?!?) and two Rum-Tum-Tugger looking orange stalkers directly behind him.  

Give 'em a caption.  Or help them find a word that ryhmes with "orange."  

Saturday, September 20, 2008

"The Bitch Is Back"

Hey guys, I'm back home!!!  I had a wonderful time on my family vacation.  Thanks for all the well wishes while I was away.  MANY pictures to follow, I promise.

I flew in at 7:00 a.m. this morning - - Don't say it - - dropped off my bags at my office and went directly to the AIDS Walk and I have incredible news: the two teams walking for Season of Concern have raised $17,394!!!  That total is a combination of pledges and each team members registration fees because the AIDS Foundation of Chicago gives 100% everything our team earns directly to Season of Concern INCLUDING the registration fees!!!  

Our goal was $15,000 and the total keeps rising!  

Thank you to everyone who donated to our team and a special thanks to all our team members who walked with me today!  Again, MANY pictures to follow! 

Next up for Season of Concern?  The touring company of MAMMA MIA which is currently here in Chicago is performing this Monday night at 3160 (3160 N. Clark) in a special cabaret benefit concert of 60's for SOC.  The show starts at 8:00 p.m. and it's only $20, so all you Chicagoans, come join me.

Next up for me?  Unpacking, admiring my once-a-year tan, sorting through pictures and adding a couple of new videos of my mom to my YouTube channel.  They are redneck fabulous!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Fratboy Friday

Well today, I leave Hilton Head, but this trip will stay in my memory for a long, long time...


The sun...



The surf...



The pool, which was small, but what a view, huh?



And last but not least, the boys next door.  

Piper, Willow, Bristol, Track and Trig.  

I'll never forget you.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

TMI Tuesday - Reversed

Since I'm on vacation and won't be answering the TMI Tuesday questions as I usually do, I thought of a little twist.

One question. From me. Answered by you guys.

You can answer in the comments section or answer in your own blog and link back to this post or whatever you like.

Here's the question - - not really one with an answer that will be TMI, but it fits with my vacation...

"What was the best vacation you ever took
with members of your family?"

Fill in the answer as much as you like. Describe it or one specific memory you have of it. Or tell me why it was the best. Or why you remember it so vividly.

And when I get back, I'll describe my favorite memory from this trip. With my mama, there are sure to be SEVERAL to choose from!

Super Tuesday

It's nice to know that even true studs like these guys can still wear a Superman pendant with pride and announce to the world that they are fanboys.

And in a loving, monogamous relationship.

In which they share everything. Including all their hair care products.

I miss Growing Up Gotti.  Don't you?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My New Favorite Caption Contest #34

Once again in the Caption Contest, the first entry takes the prize.  

Though there were many incredibly funny captions for the #33 Contest, this one from Polt at Polt's Palace really made me laugh...

"After less than an hour at the convention, 
Abe realized he really DID prefer the theater."

Brilliant caption, Polt.  So funny because it's SO true.

For this week's contest, I decided upon a picture that reflects my Southern roots.  That, and it reminded me of that fake Sarah Palin pic that everyone's been talking about...

I do so love those backwoods boys.  When it comes to rednecks, the redder the better for me.

Give him a caption.  And make sure that safety is on for pity's sake.