Tuesday, August 05, 2008

"Good Christian Panties with a Godly Cotton Panel!"

More Sister Myotis!

I just subscribed to Sister Myotis' YouTube Channel yesterday and was THRILLED when I woke up this morning and found a new Sister Myotis video just waiting to be viewed.

This, I guess, is a clip from her last show.

She is preaching on the topic of "Thong Panties."

The entire clip is hysterical and brilliant, but there are two things that I love more than my luggage.

First, I love when Sister Myotis says, "Do you have any idee?" That is EXACTLY how my grandmother would pronounce the word "idea." It's pure Tennessee Southern and can't be faked. It makes me laugh and brings my grandmother back to me. I love it.

The second thing I love also reminds me of my grandmother - - when Sister Myotis calls out "Amen?" To this day, the Methodist Church that I (sometimes) attend bores me to tears because no one is calling out "Amen?" and there are no little, old men sitting in the front pew calling back "Amen!" My grandmother loved to call out "Amen!"

If you're gonna sit in the House of the Lord, you gotta make some joyful noise!

Thank you, Sister Myotis. You are now officially one of my favorite people of all time.


Anatomicsd said...

Back home the Liberty Baptist Church is famous for its "amen"ing. As good little (recovering) Catholic boy it scared the willies out of me.

Anonymous said...

Good Christian PANTIES?????



whimsical brainpan said...

LMFAO! "Democrat Panties"!

"If you're gonna sit in the House of the Lord, you gotta make some joyful noise!"


Bunny said...

I belong to a United Methodist Church and we partner with a couple black churches in the Methodist tradition (African Methodist Episcopal and African Methodist Episcopal Zion) for occasional joint services and such. A guy in my church and I decided our church needed more "spirit" like the black churches, so we started some "Amen" and "Preach it Brother!" and such during the service. We got some strange looks in room of about 600 white folks.

BTW, our church is very gay friendly - we get a lot of members, gay and straight and transgendered, because of our open attitude. Plus the local Gays in Faith Together and a support group for gay teens meet at our church. Not all Methodist churches are so "liberal" but that's what I like about mine. I'm concerned about finding something so liberal when I move to S.C.

Danifesto said...

AMENs in my church were often coupled with drawn out "Praaaayyze Jayzus!" for good measure. Love it!