Saturday, August 09, 2008

"The Last Thing You Need When You're Working On Your Tan Is DRAMA!"

In a few minutes, I'm making the trek - - an entire half a block, if that - - to one of the entrances of the Northalsted Market Days.

It's the Midwest's largest outdoor festival. And since it takes place on Halsted Street between Belmont and Addison - - or as I refer to them, "The Paul Lynde Parkway between Cocksucker and Rimjob - - this particular street festival is gayer than Clay Aiken wearing David Beckham's jockstrap.

It's a huge homo block party and I'm meeting Karen and Doug somewhere inside all of the debauchery.

And yes, I'm hoping that these two will once again be in attendance.

"My, what a BIG water gun
you're carrying..."

I'll be out and about for quite awhile, but don't worry about my little bald head baking in the sun. I know all about tanning. I learned it from Delores DiGagorio.

Not to be confused with Cha Cha DiGregorio, the slut that stole Danny from Sandy during the dance contest in Grease.

The latter was the best dancer at St. Bernadette's - - with the worst reputation - - and the former... well, watch her video. You'll love her.

Especially if you like big tits.

P.S. DOES anyone who reads this blog like big tits? I mean "LIKE like" big tits? I hope so!! I would LOVE that!


Bunny said...

I kinda enjoyed the big bazoombas. They were nicely tanned and looked so classy with the denim skirt. Made me want to hop the next train to Lawn Guyland.

Aaron said...

"the Paul Lynde parkway between cocksucker and rim job"

HAHAHA!! Oh kill us...

Stephen Rader said...

bunny - Lawn Guyland, indeed!!! Delores reminds me of that character that Gilda Radner on SNL in the early 70's - - Rhonda Weiss. She would always walk into a room and say, "Hi, I'm Rhonda Weiss" but in that "Lawn Guyland" kind of way. I loved it.

aaron - I've always called Halsted and Roscoe, "the corner of cocksucker and rimjob." The Paul Lynde Parkway is new. My little way of keeping the memory of the one and only Center Square alive. :)

mrpeenee said...

See how those cute boys both have a little lock of hair gelled to stick straight up in the front? That do always looks like someone has been using their hair to guide them whilst they were busy giving a really good blowjob.

Doug said...

We had a gay old time... moreso than the Flintstones and the "family down the street."

And I don't LIKE but APPRECIATE big tits... they are two of the reasons we love our Karen, aka AnnieGrace.

I'm still belching from Pie Hole-- yum!

philip said...

That is GODDAMNED brilliant. I love her.
You got your lipstick all over my beer.

Stephen Rader said...

mrpeenee - I'm not a big fan of the faux hawk. Of course, since I'm bald, I don't think I have a dog in this fight, now do I? :)

doug - I had a wonderful time as well. Well, I had a wonderful time with the two of you. The Market itself? Meh. And that's giving it more than it should get.

philip - I kinda want to be her for Halloween this year, don't you?

Mark in DE said...

Have a great time! Tell Doug to update his blog.

Mark :-)

Anonymous said...

I adore the big boobies. Especially when they cost that much.