Tuesday, August 26, 2008

TMI Tuesday

This week's fairy-themed TMI Tuesday...

You find a fairy. With a wave of their wand they can change anything for you.

I AM a fairy and let me tell you, I don't have the power to change anything for you.

But when I "wave my wand," you will feel FABULOUS!

Now, on to the questions...

What is the one thing you would change about your body?

I would like to have hair. That stayed in my head.

It can turn grey, I just don't want it to turn loose.

What is the one personality trait you would change?

Maybe my moodiness, but even then again, probably not. I don't want to change things that make me "me."

I like my personality just the way it is, thank you very much.

What is the one thing about your job you would change?

I would like for there to be no need for me to have my current job because an AIDS cure would be found, no one else would have to die from this horrible virus anymore and organizations like Season of Concern would hopefully cease to exist.

Being put out of business because of a cure would be Heaven.

What is the one thing about your home you would change?

That it would be clean. Cleaned automatically. Or by someone other than me. Because I sure as Hell ain't gonna do it.

What is the one thing about your Significant Other you would change?

If you're talking about the Boy from Florida, there isn't a thing I would want to change about him. He always seems to know exactly what to say to me. He treats me like a Prince.

He's nice and sweet and kind and sexy and cute and funny. Why one earth would I want to change anything about that?

Who is the one person you would poof out of your life and why?

I would like to poof my ex, The Skank, out of existence. Forever. Because he is the worst thing that ever happened to me and deserves nothing but the absolute worst in all things. Forever.

Who is the one person you would poof back in and why?

I would say one of my grandparents, but I doubt that one of them would want to live without the other, so I'll say my mentor, Lemmie.

The man who taught me all I ever needed to know about acting...

"Focus is like loose change - - if it's laying around, pick it up!"

"If everyone on stage with you is moving around, stand still. If everyone on stage with you is standing still, move around a little."

"Get your hands out of your pockets and sing the fucking song, Rader!"

Lemmie would love the 21st Century. Cruising online would be absolute heaven for him. And YouTube would keep him indoors for YEARS at a time.

If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have become an actor or a singer. He changed my life for the better.

P.S. And if that last line makes you start singing that damn song from Wicked, I'm sorry. That song just SUCKS!

Listen to Stephen Schwartz talk about the musical being set in Oz and therefore the music has to have a sense of "another place," as if ANY song from that horrific show couldn't be lifted and dumped into Pippin or The Magic Show or any of his bullshit numbers from Working and fit perfectly.

He sucks donkey cock.

(Sorry for the raging ramble...)


Ms. Inconspicuous said...

Here's hoping you lose your job...for, um, all the right reasons.

Happy TMI!

Project Christopher said...

Bitch... if you don't lay off Elphaba..... :)

Ron said...

Thank God someone else hates that damn show! It's like a musical episode of Dawson's Creek set in Oz.

Aaron said...

My mom had two metal trays that were Fairy Soap ads hanging in her bathroom. I love those old things...

And I have to agree none of the music from "Wicked" struck me as unique AT ALL. It could have been called "Run-Of-The-Mill Musical Theatre Grist That Spawns A Few Pop Hits Or At Least One Gay Bar Anthem Or Two."

But "Wicked" probably fit better on those marquees.

Bunny said...

But bald is beautiful, baby!! I think bald men are often very sexy.

LOL @ Chris!

Happy TMI!

Lance Noe said...

Ok i need to know, what the fuck is with you and wicked? seriously!

It is by no means the greatest musical ever written nor is it the worse. there are things out there that are far worse than it and have been more successful.

I agree the lyrics are complete shit. the music is written for teens and the story is nothing like the book, but i think for what it is and what it wanted to do, it has done it.

please what is it?

Stephen Rader said...

ms. inconspicuous - Here's hoping that happens too. For the right reasons.

chris - If she'll just STOP SINGING, I'll be fine. :)

ron - That is an excellent description of WICKED. Perfect!

aaron - I like your title better.

bunny - Well, I'm gonna be bald till the day I die, so I'm glad you like it!!!! :)

lance - You're right, there are worse shoes, but I don't know if there are worse shows that have received so much adulation for crappy songs, even crappier lyrics ("Nessa, I've got something to confess-a"?@!?!?!) and poor staging.

After reading the book it was based on, I was very much looking forward to the show. But the clock dragon just sits above the stage like so much excess expenditure, the "big moment" of the first act closer is nothing more than a woman standing on a Genie being lifted a few feet in the air with two queens billowing some black fabric they call her cape, and at the end of the play, SHE FUCKING LIVES! COME ON!!!!

If Stephen Schwartz musicalized 'NIGHT MOTHER, would Jesse NOT kill herself at the end? How pathetic is a show about the Wicked Witch of the West that DOESN'T end in her death. Especially when the passages of the novel where the water hits and kills Elphaba are the most beautiful passages in the book.

I defer to the review of the show given by a sweet, old man who once performed in vaudeville on the stage of the Oriental Theatre here in Chicago. After the play was over, I asked him what he thought and he said...

"Oh, it's just wretched, isn't it? But the people seem to like it."

Well, I don't care what "the people" like. It sucks. You go to the back door of the Oriental Theatre 3 times a week and walk in having to listen to "For Good" during audience collections and trust me, you'll want to scratch you ears off your body.

McCool said...

i saw one flaw in your TMI...

I would think the one thing you would change about your S.O. would be that you both lived in the same city (or state even)....but maybe THAT'S what's working...*grin*


McCool said...

oh and btw -- FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SingALong Mamma Mia! OPENS.....who's first?!

Joie Mayfield said...

I love reading your posts. :)The rants about Wicked are very very funny. :)

Anonymous said...

Why you hatin on Wicked? Oh god, just shove the dagger a bit deeper and twist it good! Hon, you need therapy (while the Wicked soundtrack plays in the background!).