Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"The Whole World's Gone Gay!"

There's a new blog on My Favorite Blogs blogroll, Moe's Tavern: Home of the Flaming Moe.

It's written by a fellow Boystown resident, Ron and it's brand spankin' new. (I said "spankin'"... Hot...)

Now, I don't know Ron, but in a recent post, he wrote out a piece of dialogue that he heard between two boyfriends who live in his building.

This exchange happened in his building's courtyard.

Spoken loudly...

Man 1:
what was I supposed to do?
The power has been out for days!"

Man 2:
"That doesn't mean that
you had to fuck him!"

If that's not some dialogue right out of a gay version of Gossip Girl, I don't know what is!

Q: What is a gay version of Gossip Girl?

A: Gossip Girl.

So go over to his blog and give Ron some love.

The name alone of his blog is absolutely brilliant.

1 comment:

Ron said...

Wow! Its a slow news day when I get a blog about my blog!!