Thursday, August 14, 2008

"1,250,444 Ways to Please Your Man"

The Onion has done it again.

If anyone knows someone who is writing for The Onion's video section, please go down on them. They deserve it. And tell them it's from me.

'Cosmopolitan' Institute Completes Decades-Long Study On How To Please Your Man

Hilarious, but quite frankly, I would love a comprehensive book listing 1,250,444 to please a man.

That would have been the perfect gift for those guys I dated who had no idea how to turn my faucet to get the hot water pouring out.


Aaron said...

A book would be useful, although I DID do all the things they showed in the video and was quite successful enough...well, at least as long as the guy was sober.

Anatomicsd said...

Hmmm...I think we should do some independent research together.

Project Christopher said...

LOL! This was a HOOT!
I loved on the scratch pad -
"Just play with his balls"

cb said...

Personally I loved the "Shit Yourself Thin" tag at the beginning!

Mark in DE said...

Hilarious indeed!!!

"Shit herself thin" made me LOL.

Mark :-)

Palm Springs Savant said...

ok, THAt was hiliarious. And I just loved the nerdy scientist doctor.