Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Your Campaign Just Kinda Crapped the Bed"

This past weekend on The Soup, Joel McHale read Kathy Hilton's statement in response to John McCain's campaign ad comparing Barack Obama to Ms. Hilton's daughter, Paris.

Mr. McHale then offered his own succinct political analysis, the brunt of which I used for the title of this post.

So why watch the clip if you already know the punchline? To see The Soup's version of John McCain responding to Ms. Hilton's statement.

Trust me, you have to see The Soup's "McCain."

So funny because it's so damn true.

I think they found McCain's doppelganger, don't you?


Aaron said...

I still refuse to believe Kathy Hilton strung those words together by herself.

The "Poltergeist" guy still looks better than McCain.

Stephen Rader said...

aaron - Hell, the Crypt Keeper looks better than McCain!!!!

Is that who that guy is? Some guy from POLTERGEIST? Where ever they got that clip, it's perfect!

Mark in DE said...

Frickin' hilarious!

Mark :-)

Mike Ellis, The Jolly Reprobate said...

Like aaron, I doubt those are her words alone, but so what if she had help? You know McCain had help producing that ad. Bottom line, she's Kathy Hilton and she approve that message.

And the old guy was funny, but his head is not Idaho potatoey enough to be McCain.

Shirley Heezgay! said...

i adore him.

mchale, not mccain.

Bunny said...

Love it!!

Even my Republican father thinks McCain would suck as president. Besides, my dad is 6 months older than McCain, so he knows what old feels like and he says no way McCain will make it through 4 years in one piece under that sort of stress.

Hell, McCain's much-younger wife is barely holding up on the campaign trail. She had to go to a hospital here in Michigan because someone shook her hand too hard. Shook her hand too hard. Okay, if you aren't up to shaking hands, perhaps First Lady isn't the job for you.