Thursday, August 14, 2008

"I'll Bet Your Friends Are All Celebrities. That's Wonderful"

This Sunday, I am performing in my good friend Karen Bronson's annual cabaret benefit for Season of Concern at Curly's in Glen Ellyn.

The theme for this year's benefit is Songs You May Not Have Heard, and the music that everyone has chosen this year is tremendous. I mean, how can you beat lyrics like...

"The Islands in the winter, The Hamptons in the summer,
The fashion plate I date'll give me hummers in my Hummer."

Karen's benefit is one of my favorite - - if not my absolute favorite - - SOC benefits of the entire year.

I get to rehearse and perform with Karen, Mark Mavetz, Debbie Roberts, Steve Schroeder and the incredible Doug Orlyk.

The audience couldn't be more appreciative or more responsive, and Karen knows how to raise some funds for SOC.

My first year at SOC, Karen's cabaret event was held the same week as another SOC benefit hosted by one of the powerhouse theatres here in Chicago. And Karen's benefit raised more money than they did. A lot more.

Not only that, but she's one of the kindest, sweetest, most thoughtful, wittiest and most giving people that I know.

And she always asks to sing in the benefit.

And she gives me GREAT billing.

"Special Appearance by..."

Makes me feel like Lola Falana. And I love it!

Karen Bronson - Mark Mavetz - Doug Orlyk
Debbie Roberts - Stephen Schroeder
Special Appearance by Stephen Rader

3:00p.m. and 7:00p.m.

Curly's Grill
499 Pennsylvania, Glen Ellyn, Illinois

- Seating is Limited -
Reservations Highly Recommended

$15.00 Suggested Donation


Mark in DE said...

Sounds like a gas!

Mark :-)

Michael said...

I'm sure you'll be brilliant.

Project Christopher said...

it's Glyn Ellen.... of COURSE they're appreciative!

Sorry, SOMEBODY had to say it ;)

And I, to, am sure you'll be brilliant!

Now what I want to know is how the FUCK you got SOC to have an event that wasn't on a friggin' Monday night? Did Satan just put on a Burka?

roborange said...

Sister from another mister - I LOVE me some Lola Falana &
you too.

kbronson said...

First off, thanks for the kind things you said...and right back atcha my friend.On an amusing side note, I read this post late last night, when I was very tired, and read "wittiest" as "witless"!  Note to self, don't read when eyes are at half mast! :)