Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"They Tried to Make Me Go to Rehab, But I Said No, No, No!"

This is Clark Kent.

This is Clark Kent at a circuit party spinning his invulnerable balls of on red kryptonite.

Any questions?

Or maybe this is Clark screaming at Jor-El, "I learned it by watching you!"

Either way, I just can't quite take my eyes off it.


Kristie said...

Hey this looks like it was taken at Dragoncon.

Project Christopher said...

in my mind he's 6'4" tall... not the 5'2" he looks to be.
damn hot though

Project Christopher said...
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Ron said...

He has a Myspace page with more pics. He's heavy into convention costuming.


Stephen Rader said...

kristie - I think you're right. I need to get my ass to Dragoncon!!!!

chris - I don't care if he's a dwarf, I'll take him.

ron - Thanks for the info! You KNOW I'll be checking it out!

Kristie said...

It's next weekend! Get your ass down here.

Mike Ellis, The Jolly Reprobate said...

Ah ha! That is the same guy from the Superboy costume from two years ago! I thought I recognized him.

the joy said...

I realize I'm late, but its a good one. I have a pic of this guy and myself in his proper Superman costume. This was taken last year at dragon con (which my hotel is the host of and is coming up starting Friday). I recognize the carpet. And the abs. Jealous?