Tuesday, August 05, 2008

TMI Tuesday

A very romantic version of TMI Tuesday...

1. What is your definition of romantic?

The movie Casablanca. Period. End of story.

Maybe it speaks volumes about the reason I am still single, but to me, realizing that sometimes true love means giving the person you love freedom or giving the person you love whatever they want or need that will make their life better even if it removes them from your life forever - - that's not puppy love, that's real love.

To me, true romance is Rick putting Ilsa on the plane to Lisbon with Victor Laszlo.

2. Would you consider yourself to be romantic?

Hell yeah. I VOLUNTEER to sleep in the wet spot. Doesn't that make me romantic?

Sure, I ENJOY sleeping in the wet spot, but I still get credit for being romantic, don't I?

3. Is your significant other romantic?

Who the fuck IS my "significant other?" Since you obviously know, could you please tell him to hurry the fuck up and find his way into my life SOON!

What do I have to do? Sing that Oleta Adams song "Get Here" at every open mic and karaoke bar I can find to send him the fucking message? Geez...

4. Have you ever chastised a SO for not being romantic enough or too romantic?

My ex, The Skank, once chastised me for not having a present for him on Valentine's Day.

This was, of course, after he had, unbeknownst to me, been fucked bareback by every man between here and the Mason-Dixon Line, given me syphilis, slept with one of our mutual friends and shown up at my front door drunk and disorderly every single weekend for over a year and a half.

And he wondered why I didn't feel "romantic."

It's amazing how someone with so few morals can also be so fucking stupid.

5. What do you consider a grand romantic gesture? Have you ever been the recipient or giver of one?

One wonderful man once picked me up in a limo which drove us to dinner at the Signature Room at the top of the Hancock Building, then to see Karen Mason's cabaret show at Davenport's and then dropped us off at the now defunct Hubbard Street Hot Tubs, where we got naked and soaked in a hot tub. And things.

If that ain't romantic, I don't know what is.

6. If you have done something romantic to get laid, did it work? If not, why and how did that affect your romantic tendencies in the past.

I don't really do romantic things to get laid. I do romantic things because I want to show someone how much I love them.

It's about more than just sex. It's about letting them know just how much they mean to me.

7. What is the most romantic thing you have ever done? Had done for you?

Well, someone just invited me to Florida for a long weekend. And quite frankly, the right invitation from the right man is pretty damned romantic.

P.S. Isn't this a great picture? I did a Google image search for "two men beach" and this came up. Not at ALL what I was expecting, but it's perfect!


Doug said...

OMG you're right about #6!

I love that, too!

And that picture... sweet.

Java said...

Awe, Stephen, you are such a romantic guy! I'm all verklempt.

Aaron said...

You have the right idea. Most guys who do romantic things are romantic guys...

So many guys are only interested in one thing--their own "off-rocking"--and they're not shy about asking for it up front, with no regard to their potential partner's needs or desires. If that's all it's about, why don't they just stay home and masturbate? The world would not be missing anything.