Friday, August 08, 2008

"I'm Gonna Rouge My Knees and Roll My Stockings Down"

Earlier this summer, Philip informed me that one of our mutual friends AND his boyfriend didn't know who Chita Rivera was.

I might - - MIGHT!!! - - give them back their Pink Cards and allow them to once again make the beast with two backs if they sit down and watch this clip that I found on BlueGobo, the online musical theatre video archive.

This is Chita singing All That Jazz. All by herself. No dancing boys with her. No dancing girls.

And truth be told, Chita's not doing a whole lot of dancing either. But she is belting the FUCK out of this song. And proving one and for all that she is not just a Broadway star, she is a star. Period.

The video quality isn't the best, but as the note beside this clip says, " feels that a poor quality Chita clip is better than no Chita clip at all!"

Amen, sister. Amen!

UPDATE: Well, apparently BlueGobo is still in the "We Suck" phase of embedding videos because as Brother Boy says to Dr. Eve in Sordid Lives, "It ain't a workin'!"

So, I guess you'll have to go here to enjoy the clip.

Get it together BlueGobo. I enjoy the "We Suck" phase in orgies and couples who want to open up their relationship, but not in great video sites like yours.


Jeremy Rizza said...

When I was in the hospital, awaiting surgery for my deviated septum, I kept playing "Where You Are" from "Kiss of the Spider Woman" in my head. As though Chita was going to pull back the curtains and tap-dance me out of there...! (Mind you, I was hardly dressed for it!)

Stephen Rader said...

jeremy - You mentally try to make Chita appear and I mentally try to make Chita appear. Within me. Well, with me AS her. I'm not making much sense...

Let's just say that I know the Anita part of WEST SIDE STORYs "Quintet." Intimately.

cb said...

Wasn't Chita on the Electric Company or something?