Saturday, September 06, 2008

Good Morning

It's been quite awhile since I posted a Good Morning pic.

I guess I had to wait to be inspired.

Consider me inspired.

I found him over at Tighty-Whitie Dude.

Just laying there.  Waiting for me.  On white sheets.

Like a virgin.  Touched for the very first time.

For the very first time today.

Pity the person who has to clean those sheets after I finish with him.  It won't be pretty. 

But it'll be fun.


Anonymous said...

I fucking love Better Midler's "Mud Will Be Flung Tonight"!

Stephen Rader said...

WOOHOO!!! I wondered who would get my reference!!!! I love it too!!!!

Aaron said...

I had that on vinyl my first year in college! I loved "Vicki Eydie," "Fat As I Am," and "Why Bother?"

And that guy IS really hot, but white sheets are a bad choice...for the very reasons you mention.

EMikeGarcia said...

My sheets are black... They aren't any better.

Shirley Heezgay! said...

i just adore you.

and he looks just like a virgin...touched for the thirty first time.

(sing it out, it fits!)

philip said...

If he looks like that, and he's still a virgin. . .then he's a Rebulican and you don't want him. Trust me. Leave him where you found him.

Or just leave him for me.

james said...


but what's that around his ankle? was he strapped down at some point? [geez, even more fodder for stephen's -- OK, and mine -- fantasy...]

Michael said...

Mud WILL be flung tonight....and into the faces of some of your favorites!!!!!

Mark in DE said...

God, that's a sexy photo.

But will someone PLEASE tell these boys to STOP shaving their pits?

Mark :-)

divaboy1 said...

Holy. Shit. Yum.