Saturday, September 27, 2008

"That Ryan Fella Is Drivin' Me Crazy"

I just found out why Gladys Hardy reminds me of my Grandmother Rader - - she was born in Knoxville, TN just like me!

She's just a few years younger than my grandparents, who are already gone. Maybe she knew them. I doubt the earth could have taken that much funny together in one place for too long...

How much you want to bet that the "young man that calls Bingo at Big Star Bingo" has a lot of Judy Garland songs on his iPod, tickets to his last three Cher concerts displayed on his refrigerator and doesn't know why the history on his laptop shows the last site he visited was Johnny Hazzard's Hazzard Central?

Or as my grandmother referred to her hairdresser...

"He's a little funny.
A real nice boy, but a little funny."

1 comment:

Mark in DE said...

Gotta love that Gladys! Gotta love Johnny Hazzard while you're at it, too!

Mark :-)