Monday, September 29, 2008

"A Tall Drink of Water"

Last night, I met a theatre legend - - Mr. Tommy Tune.

He's been in Chicago for weeks now working on The Goodman Theatre's new musical Turn of the Century, which opens tonight.

Our cute friend Dan has been working on the show and arranged for me and Philip to attend last night's press opening. And to meet Mr. Tune in the lobby beforehand.

Mr. Tune is a wonderful performer and an outstanding director, but I had a question for him. You see, my major professor in college, Al Harris, used to tell us that he and his wife drove from Texas to New York with Tommy Tune back in the 60's to start their careers. I always thought it was pure horseshit.

So, when I told Mr. Tune that my theatre professor in college was Al Harris he said...

"Al and Mamie! I traveled from Texas to New York with them after college. And we all shared an apartment. Which was difficult."

I said, "Yes, because Al and Mamie are rather large people," and he grinned that huge, famous grin of his.

His face lit up when I mentioned my professor's name. He went on to tell me that Al was a very big deal when they were in college because he was cast in a small role in the film State Fair.

Tommy Tune talking about my college professor as a "big deal." This from the man who has NINE Tony Awards.

I guess getting an education back in the hills of East Tennessee wasn't all that bad after all.

Anyway y'all - - I met Tommy Tune!!!! Thank you, Dan!


Anonymous said...

Is he witty, wise and wonderful to know? Did you get a phone number?

ayem8y said...

Did you sleep with him?

jer said...


Michael said...

And isn't he 8 feet tall?

Aaron said...

How cool! He's still handsome as ever and has a great mouth...