Friday, September 05, 2008

"This Is Our Lives We're Fighting For"

Little by little, bit by bit, our history is being told.

Not only our history, but how we have been a part of all history, helped make our country better, changed the world.

I can't wait to see Milk, the movie about a true gay hero, Harvey Milk.


kbronson said...

We are SO going to see this movie together!

philip said...

I saw this yesterday. I CAN'T WAIT.
For two point five seconds I was a little chagrinned that a straight actor is playing Harvey, but the Sean Penn opened his mouth and HARVEY MILK fell out!!! This is gonna be awesome.

And if we keep our fingers crossed we might get to see James Franco's cock.

Keep 'em crossed!

philip said...

oh, and also... I've watched the trailer five times now,and I get chills every time he yells at the crowd: "I'M angry!"

Bunny said...

I'm also looking forward to this movie. Sean Penn can be a bit of an ass, but he is a great actor. Seeing him kiss James Franco? Oh yeah, I'm totally there. I love James' quote recently about what he thought when they kissed "OMG, I'm kissing Spicoli!" I ::heart:: James Franco.

Project Christopher said...

I've never cared for Sean Penn, I appreciate his acting and the passion he puts into it, but I've always only been able to gather ho hum when it comes to him.

that all changed just now. I'm in a meeting watching this (my fellow meeting attendees are Deaf and could not hear the computer playing) but I'm just busting out in goose flesh and tears streaming down my cheeks as I watch this... they thought I had gotten bad news. This will be a hard one to watch, but just try to stop me from watching it!

Can't wait.....