Monday, September 08, 2008

"Trapped in the Body of a White Girl"

Scooter over at Scootersville posted one of these videos of the fabulous Julie Brown as Sarah Palin, so I went onto YouTube and subscribed to the channel.

Then, I got an email via YouTube from Julie Brown herself! It's her YouTube channel. And she emailed me to thank me for subscribing.

I wrote her back telling her about one of my favorite moments from Just Say Julie and she wrote me back again. Julie Brown did.

The woman who gave us "Cause I'm a Blonde" and "The Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun" and "I Like 'Em Big and Stupid" has emailed me. Twice.

You're SO jealous right now. I can feel it.

Anyway, check out these three Sarah Palin videos from my good friend, Ms. Julie Brown. Pay close attention to the names of Sarah's kids in these videos. And her pronunciation of the word "foreign." Hysterical.

"One pacemaker away From the Presidency."

"One bad clam away from the Presidency."

"One rabid squirrel bite away from the Presidency."


Aaron said...

"One bad clam away from the Presidency"

Peeing as we speak.

ayem8y said...

You're so right I am jealous!

Polt said...

Oh I AM Seething with jealousy! All I can do is subscribe myself. :)


Mark in DE said...

OMG, I love Julie Brown! Her Palin parodies are great!!!

Mark :-)

Anonymous said...

VERY jealous! I LOOOOVE Just Say Julie!!!! I found these vids and went through a whole cassette tape flashback the other night. I have her "Trapped in the Body of a White Girl" album on tape. iTunes doesn't have it, though, to download. They have her 2005 single "I Want to be Gay" which is cute, if a little long.

You may have received emails from her, but SHE sent ME autographed glossies in the snail mail back in the day, yo.

You can get me her Best of Just Say Julie DVD for Christmas. :-)

Jackie said...

OMG! I love her! She's so proud of her kids, epecially Totebag.

Michael said...

I love me some Julie Brown!!!!

On the flip side, DOWNTOWN Julie Brown scared the SHIT out of me.

TigerYogiji said...

For-Ree-Jun!!! LMAO!!

Algebra, get your gun otta the hallway!

LOVE IT!! :)

dirk.mancuso said...

I have a JUST SAY JULIE collection on dvd and she personally autographed it "To Dirk, Love Julie Brown."

Not that I'm trying to make you jealous or anything.

(Great clips by the way.)