Wednesday, September 03, 2008

"Just An Old Sweet Song"

My favorite movie off all time is Casablanca.

My second favorite movie of all time is Smokey & the Bandit. No joke.

If you've never seen it or if you haven't seen it in awhile, give it a try. It's hysterically funny, well constructed and what other movie includes dialogue about Brenda Lee and Stephen Sondheim IN THE SAME SCENE?!?

One of the stars of Smokey and the Bandit died on Monday, Mr. Jerry Reed. Instead of perpetuating the idea that he was just in these "Bandit" movies by posting one of my favorite scenes from the first film, I would rather you watch this clip.

This is Jerry Reed with Chet Atkins. Jerry is making his guitar wail by playing Georgia on My Mind and then he sings it so sweetly, so beautifully. This man was a great artist.

And watch the movie sometime. You'll see that he was damn funny.


Aaron said...

"Amos Moses" aside, I did enjoy quite a bit of Mr. Reed's output (music, that is!) when I was in the mood to listen to country (and I always got to hear it at my grandfather's house). Besides "S & the B," I also remember fondly the time he was on "Alice" and Flo used to be his baby-sitter.

Stephen Rader said...

aaron - You don't like AMOS MOSES?!?! Come on!!! I just downloaded that song to my iPod this morning and was hillbilly rockin' to it on the bus. That and SHE GOT THE GOLDMINE (I GOT THE SHAFT).

I forgot he was on ALICE!!!! Now, THAT was a sitcom!!

Bunny said...

Ever see Jerry in "Hot Stuff?" We loved that movie when I was a kid. We watched it over and over whenever it was on TV.

We had "She got the Goldmine" playing very softly in the background of our outgoing answering machine message when I worked for an agency that processes and enforces child and spousal support orders for divorce cases. Cracked me up at the time.

Stephen Rader said...

bunny - I LOVE the movie HOT STUFF!!!! I haven't seen it in decades!!! I wonder if it's ever been put out on dvd. Doubtful.

SHE GOT THE GOLDMINE playing in the background of our agency's outgoing answering machine message - - that is GENIUS!!!!! I love that!!!

Anatomicsd said...

I secretly had the hots for Jerry Reed when I was just a little Mo.

Hayward said...

I loved Smokey and the Bandit also. Surely I'm not the only young gay fellow in the 70's that fantasized about riding cross country with Jerry Reed and Fred the dog.

"Give me a diablo sandwich and a docta peppa!"

Stephen Rader said...

Hayward - Amen to that!!!!!

And don't forget the end of that quote... "And make it quick, I'm in a GODDAMN HURRY!!"

I just don't get no better than that.

And riding around in a truck with Jerry Reed and Fred the dog? Anytime. Anytime...