Saturday, September 13, 2008

"Strut, Pout, Put It Out"

Okay y'all, I know I'm gone, but I'm still workin'!So, do

The AIDS Walk is exactly one week from today and Season of Concern's Team is about $4,000 short of our $15,000 goal.

And I am leaving Hilton Head a day early - - and leaving my family on a Saturday morning when I could be spending another entire WEEKEND with them - - to come back and Walk.

As we learned from the best friend in Sixteen Candles, massive guilt can be highly profitable.

Season of Concern receives 100% of all the money we raise through Our Team and the Wicked / Jersey Boys Team.

So if you have a little something to contribute, help us out.  We would GREATLY appreciate it.

And to those who have already sponsored me or who are walking with me a week from today, THANK YOU!

Now, I'm going back to the beach to work on my tan...  


NatureJockk said...

Hello Stephen, it's me! NatureJockk.

Glad to see the AIDS walk was good for you.

I have been busy with the last 2 hurricanes here in New Orleans. I do not know if our AIDS walk will get to happen or not.

Glad you could do it.

Thanks and good work.


Project Christopher said...

stay with your family!

like I keep sayin.... I don't need you to walk.... :) LOL