Tuesday, September 30, 2008

TMI Tuesday

A very sexy TMI Tuesday...

1. What do you feel is the difference between sexy and erotic?

Certain things can be sexy because they are meant to or are trying to be sexy - - lingerie, leather, etc. Depending on what you do with it, anything can be erotic.

For instance, ice in an ice cube tray isn't sexy, but when you take a cube out and rub it over your partner's nipple - - or even your own nipple if it's a Sunday night and Desperate Housewives is a rerun - - then ice becomes erotic.

Men are particularly good at making just about anything erotic. A man can walk into your kitchen and see you cleaning your oven - - literally, not figuratively - - and he'll tell you it would really get him off if you would spray Easy Off all over your chest.

While he watches you do that, he'll jerk himself off and say over and over...

"That's hot. That's fucking hot!"

You see? Easy Off would never be considered sexy, but to some, it could be erotic. And apparently, very hot.

2. Do you believe there is one right person (i.e. soul mate) for you out there in the world, or that there can be many different potential mates that you could live blissfully with?

I believe in soul mates - - plural.

The way I see it, each of us is like a puzzle piece, and there are many different people who can fit perfectly to one of our sides.

We'd have to be rather boring creations if only one person in the entire would could fit with us.

3. Do you need to hear "I love you" or similar words on a regular basis from your partner?

When I get one, I'll tell you.

But I can tell you from past experience that I don't "need" to hear it, but I like to hear it. Especially when he means it.

4. What feeling do you have the most difficulty expressing?

Anger. True rage. I know that my friends will laugh at that, because I'm so blunt at expressing my opinion, but my Southern training still tells me over and over that it's wrong to be rude, even when you're being treated cruelly.

I'm getting over that, little by little. So if you think I'm a bitch now, wait. Just wait.

5. What is worse - physical, mental or cyber cheating?

If you and your partner have an arrangement that specifically says "no one else - - just us," then physical and cyber cheating are the worst.

Mental cheating? You're really going to give your partner shit for fantasizing? Get a life.

But if someone wants to go, let them go. When it comes to straying, my father's advice is always the best. As he says...

"If you have to tie up your dog, it ain't your dog."

Bonus (as in optional): The Kinsey scale attempts to describe a person's sexual history or episodes of their sexual activity at a given time. It uses a scale from 0, meaning exclusively heterosexual, to 6, meaning exclusively homosexual. Where are you - TODAY - on the scale?

Today, yesterday and any day in the future, I'm a 6.

They could "cure" homosexuality tomorrow and I will still be a 6.

And thank Christ for that. Someone's got to direct all the revivals of Oklahoma, for God's sake!!!


Anatomicsd said...

If any man ever suggests spraying Easy Off on your chest as a form of eroticism I suggest you say no...or else you won't HAVE any nipples to which to apply ice cubes.

After all...Easy Off is even more caustic than your wit.

Stephen Rader said...

anatomicsd - Really? Something is MORE caustic than my wit? Don't tease me like that. :)

Java said...

Oh honey, gay is fabulous. It would be a crime against all that is good to "cure" homosexuality.

#2- I agree that there are probably a few good matches for each of us. But when two people match up, if it's a good partnership, they grow into each other, fitting each other much better than they could fit someone else. But only because they have grown together. Makes for an even better match, IMHO. When it works right.

Lolita said...

Love your answers! Easy off is something I've never thought of, and I've thought of some sick shit. I had laugh at your "mental cheating" answer! A man after my own, well, heart. Yeah I know, I don't have the right plumbing... cept I have a toychest full! LOL

cb said...

Easy Off... sooo hot. No really. SO HOT! It's BURNING! AGGGGGHHHHHHHH!