Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Super Tuesday

Yep, now you know the effects of Silver Lamé Kryptonite. It's FABULOUS!!!

Actually, "Silva Lamé" was the drag name of my theatre mentor, Lemmie Smith.

Lemmie was a genius on stage in "straight" theatre (whatever the Hell that is) and especially in drag.

In Knoxville at the Carousel II and later at Trumps, he would be announced as, "The Theatrical Empress, Miss Silva Lamé!"

And the audience would shout...

He passed away from AIDS complications a few months after I moved to Chicago in '93. You are missed, old friend.

I always think about what Lemmie would say when when he worked the spotlight during the strip shows at Trumps...

"Strip, you motherfucker! STRIP!!!!"

I can't watch a strip show to this day without screaming that. Lemmie knew how to do it.

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Mark in DE said...

I was really hoping this was one of those photos that expands when you click on it. I love this guy!!!

Mark :-)