Tuesday, September 16, 2008

TMI Tuesday - Reversed

Since I'm on vacation and won't be answering the TMI Tuesday questions as I usually do, I thought of a little twist.

One question. From me. Answered by you guys.

You can answer in the comments section or answer in your own blog and link back to this post or whatever you like.

Here's the question - - not really one with an answer that will be TMI, but it fits with my vacation...

"What was the best vacation you ever took
with members of your family?"

Fill in the answer as much as you like. Describe it or one specific memory you have of it. Or tell me why it was the best. Or why you remember it so vividly.

And when I get back, I'll describe my favorite memory from this trip. With my mama, there are sure to be SEVERAL to choose from!


carlnepa said...

The best vacation I ever had was when my son was about 3 years old. My partner at the time (who years later told me he shouldn't have gotten involved with a guy who had a kid), my mother, my son and I headed north from PA to Niagara Falls. First my son kept calling them Viagra Falls and I said if that were true we'd never get within miles of them. The goods times peaked on our last night there when my already handicapped mother proceeded to sit on the very edge of her chair on tile floors in the hotel restaurant. Yup..you guessed it, the chair flew out from under her, my son jumped up in surprise and pooped his pants. So there I was holding a shitty kid while lifting up my mother from the floor of the restaurant. I know this sounds horrible, but as I look back now to tell it, I'm smiling and laughing to myself. The partner's long gone to Denver, Ma is in a nursing home now and poopy pants is going to be 14 and would die a thousand deaths to hear me tell this story.

whimsical brainpan said...

Have a safe and wonderful trip.

Going to Hawaii with My dad and my Sister.

ayem8y said...

My mom, dad and my three brothers took a vacation at Pickwick Lake in July of 1974 during Nixon’s Watergate impeachment trials. Several other neighborhood families went also. The kids’ water-skied and played in the lake while the parents watched the news coverage. It was a strange period of innocence and corruption. I started the vacation innocent and ended it corrupted.

Anonymous said...

It's a toss-up: when I went to Santa Fe with my then-husband, mother, and grandmother (Santa Fe is my happy place) or when I took my mother and grandmother to Paris(because I enjoyed watching them discovering a place that I already loved).

Kristie said...

I've got a few but probably 1986 summer. Went to Hawaii with my dad and step mom I was 17 at the time. So I still had that innocent thing going on somewhat and enjoyed being able to get snookered with my dad thinking how cool he was and awesome for taking me on this amazing vacation. Looking back on it I didn't realize my dad was an alcoholic but it was soooo obvious. I got over the disillusionment and we can now go on vacations together sans the alcohol. A few years ago I paid them back with a vacation to Europe for a couple of weeks. Totally different feel I'm all grown up, eyes completely open and actually called lots of the shots. It's hard to describe the feeling I have about the two vacations but these things in life make us who we are. And it definitely shaped the person I am today good or bad.

Kevin said...

i guess i would have to say the summer my parents took my sister and i on a roadtrip to the east coast. i was 8 and it was the best family vacation because it was the last one we took as a family. the following summer my parents split and family vacations didn't include all members of my family.

outside of that, the only other vacation that comes to mind is when my sister and i went to miami together a few years ago. that was fun.

Jamie said...

Gloucester, UK, 1983, aged 11 - spent two weeks at Christmas NOT with my bitch mother, but with her sister, Aunty Kath. Aunty Kath was the sort of person who slipped you a £10 note when nobody was looking and told you dirty jokes. She was the only one who was happy when I came out, too, she even vetted a few boyfriends, and found them wanting!

Anyway, this Christmas was like a card - the pond was frozen, snow on the trees, and me and my cousin got a small present every day for two weeks (a book or a tiny china animal) right up until Christmas day when we got a big present each. It's the idyllic Christmas I always remember, all of us smiling and curled up by the fire as the snow fell outside and hung on the trees. Kath died this year, aged only 60, but it's good to have memories like this.

The following year I went to see my father at Christmas. He lives in The Gambia, and it was strangely sad to have the "Christmas = ice and snow and Santa Claus" ripped away. It felt very odd to go to the beach and sunbathe. I guess Australians know the feeling well!

Anatomicsd said...

Family vacation in Myrtle Beach when I was 16. Fun in the sun, good food and I bought my first porn magazine and REALLY discovered the joy of masturbation.

Lance Noe said...

it was May 2001, my mothers birthday and we took her on a cruise. She had always wanted to take cruise and i had taken several as a disney cast member as we got a huge discount.

so one day my father called me up and said "your mother is not going to get well (she had cancer), this may be our last chance, book a cruise for her birthday."

it was the last time my mother was fully "well". her doctor did everything she could to get my mother healthy enough to go and my mothers southern stubbornness and determination helped too. We went on the cruise and we all loved it! even my dad who only did it for her.

After that she began the decline and eventually passed away in August of that year. when i think about my mom i think about watching her sit on the veranda with the ocean behind her and watching her thinning hair blow in the wind. my dad sitting beside me looking at her with love and sadness and i coming to the realization that my life would never be the same again.

Aaron said...

We didn't go on many vacations when I was a kid (my parents mostly skulked around the house and never wanted to go anywhere), but I did have a fun trip with my grandparents and my cousin Tonya to Missouri when I was 14. We stayed at my aunt Jeannette's house in Dexter while they were on vacation, then drove across to Silver Dollar City (which was in Branson before it was "Branson"), staying in some really interesting fleabags along the way (my favorite was the Moonlight Motel in Rolla--the female desk clerk looked like Sammy Hagar).

We came back to Dexter at the end of the week to visit Aunt Jeannette and the family who had just gotten back from vacation.

It was fun for me because I got to visit with relatives I hadn't met before (at least since I was a baby).

cb said...

Trip to New Zealand, hands down. We rented a camper van and toured both islands by driving and camping them. It was awesome.

EMikeGarcia said...

Hey Adorable! Nice tan.

That's all I have, no wonderful vacation stories.

Aaron Hunt said...

I'm on the best vacation I've ever taken with my family right now. They aren't here.