Friday, May 02, 2008

Kerry Degman is (Imaginarily) Mine!

I just saw these shots of Kerry Degman from Têtu Magazine over at jdvision via DudeTube and I'm callin' it before any of you bitches...

Kerry Degman is My New Imaginary Boyfriend.

MY Imaginary Boyfriend.


Sure, I might - - MIGHT - - loan him out on the occasional Tuesday afternoon.

But don't count on it.

I'm sure I could keep myself busy with Mr. Degman for days.

Stripping off that singlet with my tongue is something I would happily stretch into a weekend activity, given the chance.

In clothes, out of clothes. Sweet mother of God, he's hot!

As my dearly departed friend Lemmie used to say at the strip shows at Trumps,
"Strip, you motherfucker! STRIP!!!"

What is there to not love about all that?!? And he's all mine. In my mind's eye, Horatio.


Lance Noe said...


That was my first gay bar! I was sooooo scared of what i might see when i went in. we walk up and under the canopy was two guys making out with their shirts off. We get right inside the door and there was a drag queen taking money. Go into the dance club and there was a boy in his underwear on a box. Needless to say my little Morristown brain was fried!

Danifesto said...

I'll grant you his hotness! However is it just me or is there something inherently silly about most nude pictures that have accessories? I guess that's (part of)what makes them so much fun!

Polt said...

accessories? You mean there's something in photos besides him?

Who knew? :)


whimsical brainpan said...

Very nice!

cb said...

You are ALL about some skinny, hairless, twinkboys AREN'T you?

I"m never coming to Chicago.

Mark in DE said...

He's a little young for my taste, but he IS hot. He'll make a good Crush du Jour...

Mark :-)