Thursday, May 01, 2008

"I'm Your Genie in a Bottle"

This is it. Today's the day.

We have our first preview of Aladdin this morning.
To say that we're not quite ready to be performing in front of an audience would be an understatement. The understatement of the decade.

If anyone runs into our Set Designer on the street, would you please tell her to come to the Apollo Theater sometime.

I'd love to meet her.

Here's hoping all my magic tricks work. And that the kids get my Bette Davis references at the top of my first scene.

I figure, with a Bette Davis reference at the beginning, even if no one laughs, I'll at least be able to find the homosexuals in the audience. One never knows...


Project Christopher said...

YOU GO BOY! Good luck! I have to say, if your performance is anything like your drive and personality, you'll be


Anatomicsd said...

Break a leg!

If I were one of your Tricks I'd definitely work.

cb said...

Break a leg! Oh, and I'm so curious as to how you are doing this production? are you in blue makeup? You get all the fun songs you know.

"Purple peacocks, he's got 53-- fabulous gary I love the feathers!"

cb said...

OMG-- your bette davis reference. When you first pop out of the lamp you don't say, "What a dump!" do you?????

Stephen Rader said...

chris - Thank you! From your mouth to God's ears.

anatomicsd - Now, that sounds like a great idea! Bring it on, baby!!!

cb - You're curious how we're doing it?!? SO ARE WE!!! I could tell you stories that would never believe.

And yes, my face is covered in blue makeup. And the rest of me is covered in a blue body suit.

And yes, that is EXACTLY what I say when I pop out of the lamp. We're supposed to be in a cave surrounded by junk, so that's the first thing that popped into my mind. I love that you knew EXACTLY what my Bette Davis reference was! Love it!

whimsical brainpan said...

Break a leg!

Doug said...

Huge hugs and break a leg baby.

Love the set designer comment... I've so been there.

Call and tell me how it went!


Java said...

Break a leg! That sounds like a LOT of fun, and exciting, too, since you have no idea how it'll go. Hee hee

mrpeenee said...

Did the caftan fit?