Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sydney Pollack

In honor of the passing of the incredible Sydney Pollack, here's my favorite scene - - acting or directing - - by Mr. Pollack.

"No, no, no, Michael Dorsey is a name.
When you want to send a steak back, Michael Dorsey is a name."

Genius. Mr. Pollack will be missed.

P.S. To the young, female newscaster on MSNBC this morning who was listing Mr. Pollack's achievements and said...

"And one of his best was 'The Way We Are.'"

...it's The Way We Were, dear. Rent it sometime. You might learn something. About art. And love.


Michael said...

TOOTSIE, his cameo in DEATH BECOMES HER, his stint on WILL AND GRACE....the man was great.

But after seeing his list of films, I am embarrassed to admit I haven't seen most of them.

This includes THE WAY THEY IZ.

Aaron said...

"You might learn something."

No. She probably won't--people like that usually don't. They know what they know and that's ALL they want to know. She probably didn't know who he was--she was reading a teleprompter. She probably only goes to see movies that star George Clooney.

Palm Springs Savant said...

I am sad to see Sydney pass. He was quite ill these past 10 months Stephen, and a very gentle, generous soul. We honored him at the the Palm Springs International Film last year, he was a great guy to work with too.

Anonymous said...

She works for MSNBC. She's not 'asspozed' to learn anything.