Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Event Promoter Ordinace is Tabled!

This just in from the Time Out Chicago blog...

"According to the Chicago Music Commission:

"Chairman Schulter (47th Ward) has decided not to report the event promoter ordinance out his City Council Licensing and Consumer Protection Committee. In other words, it will not be on the City Council agenda tomorrow and there will not be a vote on the bill as previously scheduled.

"Chicago Music Commission is not sure when it will come out of Committee for a vote by the entire City Council, but we hope that Chairman Schulter will wait until he and the City have engaged the music community publicly and meaningfully so their concerns can be heard and hopefully incorporated into the eventual law.

"We are pleased that Chairman Schulter has responded to the music community’s concerns, and we look forward to working with him, members of the Committee, DBA staff and other music community stakeholders to come up with a workable version of the ordinance. CMC is committed to working with the music community to responsibly engage the City in this important effort."

Tabled, but not gone. Thanks to all those who helped.

Keep visiting SaveChicagoCulture.org for more info on this ordinance.


whimsical brainpan said...

Well it's a partial victory at least. Congrats!

Mike said...

Good news...that I was just coming here to post in your comments about :)

Somehow last night in my outrage, I didn't realize that it was MY alderman who was trying to push this through.

I'm not saying this definitely happened because of my angry email or phone call today -- thanks to iPhone I can do both all from the comfort of a stoop outside -- but Chicago can feel free to thank me for saving art, music, good cabaret, and bad improv troupes. You're welcome.