Friday, May 02, 2008

Fratboy Friday

An opening day of Iron Man Fratboy Friday...


"Hey there. You in the powder blue cap..."



I know there's really only one sagger in the group, but just look at her...

Isn't she just precious?

She spent hours making sure that cap was positioned juussstt right.
It's probably bobby-pinned in place. I wouldn't put it past her.



The locker room at my high school was never like this.
The locker room at the World Gym on Montrose was like this nearly every weekday morning.
And most weekends. Thank the sweet Lord.



The right amount of boys who have the right amount of booze and they're wearing the right amount of clothes. It's the Gay Perfect Storm.

P.S. I'm not sure what's going on, but that couch is on some sort of platform.
I'm intrigued. And slightly jealous.


Polt said...

Wow...I can't get past the first one in the white GOD he's gorgeous!


Ryan Barrett said...

I was curious (not in a stalkerish way, but in a drunk college girl way), where they breed boys like Mr. Sagger of Kenston High. The answer apparently is northeastern Ohio. Maybe we can make a road trip to get our cars washed? I'd need to get a car first, but sometimes you need to make sacrifices.

cb said...

I think the visible hefty nutsack on one of the mooners totally violates mooning law...

Lance Noe said...

I found your sagger!

His name is A. Heiman!!!!!!!!!! #27!

Go team!

and good news, he is legal!

whimsical brainpan said...

Awww! Why did cap boy stop there?!

Mark in DE said...

Great photos!

Mark :-)

Stephen Rader said...

Lance - How on earth did you find this boy?!?!?! I checked the link and there he is, in all his football geared glory.

Why am I not a towel boy? WHY!?!?!