Friday, May 23, 2008

Fratboy Friday

For this week's Fratboy Friday, I was inspired by a picture I saw at Polt's Palace featuring a boy in a cap posing in front of a large picture of Superman.

I knew that I had to steal Polt's boy for this week's "Boys in Caps," but I thought it would be fun to try and find Fratboy Friday pics with a superhero theme.

I know. I thought it would be "fun." I really need to get out more.

As we can see, this dude is as muscular as Superman, as "Apple Pie All-American" handsome as Superman and he shares Kal-El's taste for tightly-fitted and simply-colored clothing.

But is it me, or does he come across as a vain twink with a bloated ego when he boldly positions himself in a picture in front of and in comparison to the Man of Steel?

Then again, if I looked like him, I would show off my body every friggin' second of the day. I would have been shirtless in the picture. And I probably would have showed my junk.

Let's face it, heat vision is great, but if your package is comparable to or larger than Brandon Routh's much talked about bulge, people will want to see it. A lot. There are some days that I can barely walk a half a block without someone asking me to show... them... but I digress.

So on second thought, go ahead and give us the gun show, Supertwink. You'll have to break down and eat a carb at some point and then your ass will look and feel just like mine.

After that, love handles, "When did I eat corn?," grey pubes and posing beside a picture of Bouncing Boy are just around the corner. Enjoy!



After seeing this, those Joel Schumacher "nippled Batsuits"
don't seem quite so faggy, now do they?



Looking for the superhero connection? Well...

This is Triplicate Girl, as played by the three finalists for the role of Maria Von Trapp in the all-gay, "gender-blind casting" production of The Sound of Music.



Batman & Penguin: On the Down-low in Crime Alley

What's gayer than two guys named Bruce and Dick who fight crime by sliding down two poles and donning fierce, skin tight costumes (consisting of basic black with a cape and yellow highlights for one and green shorty-shorts with matching green elven booties for the other) and then telling the neighbors that the younger one is the older one's "ward?"

He's your ward? Yeah, right. And NAMBLA simply brings teenage boys together with older, mature men to serve as their mentors and role models. Oh, and to fuck them. No biggie.

The only thing than might possibly be gayer than Batman and Robin as a whole (pun not intended) would be Batman and The Penguin getting drunk on Bat-tinis and having what they later referred to as "an encounter" in Crime Alley at 3 in the morning.

From the picture above, I think I can piece together what happened. Batman and Penguin started out the evening in one of those "Marion Ravenwood drinking competitions," which quickly devolved (as it does at every Frat party) to an intense game of "gay chicken," and in no time, Pengy's biting the pavement like a pillow and they're both covered in Bat-Lube.

They may say that they don't remember what happened, but there's no way they didn't have sex. Come on, two men, lots of alcohol and a wide assortment of "over-sized, trick umbrellas" in an alley at 3:00 a.m.?

Been there, done that, walked funny for a week.


Polt said...

I doubt they'd do it in Crime Alley, as that's where Batman's parents were killed....Sorry, the comic book geek in me can't help it, I just can't let things like that go. (yeah, who needs a life now?)

Also, with the Triplicate Boys, I kinda wish we could see the shadows of OTHER things on them. :)

Glad to be your inspiration, Stephen!


Stephen Rader said...

polt - But you see, that's exactly how drunk Batsy was!! He slept with The Penguin, which in and of itself would take a considerable amount of alcohol to get through, in the alley where his parents were murdered. Talk about the walk of shame the next day!

Oh, and if you want the front view of the Triplicate Boys, send me an email and I'll forward it on to you. It's nice. Very nice... :)

Wonder Man said...

cute guy, reminds me on my days at Murray State

whimsical brainpan said...

I wish I was in the valley looking up at the Triplicate Boys.