Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sukie de la Croix

For awhile, I never missed one of his columns. Never.

Every week, I would grab a Chicago Freepress mag before I stepped onto the bus, turn immediately to Sukie de la Croix's column and embarrass myself by laughing out loud while everyone else stared at me and thought to themselves...
"Jesus. What's she reading?
Calm down, Mary. It can't be THAT funny."

Wrong. It is. Consistently. Sukie de la Croix is one of the funniest writers around and I'm not quite sure why I stopped picking up a Chicago Freepress once a week, but after my friend Don passed on this particular column of Sukie's to me yesterday, I am back on the Sukie bandwagon with a vengeance.

As always, this week's column is wild and wonderful, but this is the sentence that just says it all...

"After years of successfully impersonating Judy Garland, it comes as a terrible shock to look in the mirror one morning to find you ARE Judy Garland."

I love and worship me some Judy Garland, which is why I can say that truer words have never been said.

My solution? When life gives you lemons, add vodka. When life gives you Garland, same thing.


Aaron said...

I love Sukie de la Croix!! He's very cool as well as very funny.

But he turned into Judy Garland a long time ago. Didn't he notice? :-)

Anonymous said...

I know I just went my pants laughing, ah, being like Judy is such a chore! lol! Who's Pretty?