Sunday, August 12, 2007

Market Days 2007

Today, Philip and I had a late breakfast and walked through Halsted Street Market Days, the annual street fair that takes place barely a half a block from my apartment.

My little, bald head is sunburned, I'm slightly buzzed from one too many champagne slushies and once again this year, I have returned home with a bag full o' crap including...

  • A flier from the Gay Liberation Network promoting Russian gay leader Nikolai Alexeyev's upcoming appear here in Chicago
  • A card from that blue haired cutie Fausto for his wildly popular podcast Feast of Fools
  • A $5 admission coupon for the Bijou Theater & Sex Club (normally a $20 admission... which I know... cause it says so on the card... ummm.... yeah... that's the ticket...)
  • A free packet of Tylenol PM handed to me by a hot boy promoting the OTC nighttime sleep aid wearing a tight t-shirt that said, "Sleepy Boy"
  • A postcard for Raw Candles that I picked up in the Raw Candles booth which was being manned by quite possibly the HOTTEST man I have ever seen wearing boots, several piercings and what can only be described as a mini-kilt (and y'all, if you've never seen a hot man in a mini-kilt, let me just say that the view is NICE!)
  • A card good for a "Free Standard Room" at Steamworks (which was actually Philip's, but he lovingly gave it to me... along with a Steamworks mini-flashlight and cum towel)

But my favorite item of the day is this picture of Philp and me taken by a Polaroid Instamatic at the Travelocity booth.

Until I can have it scanned, this picture of the picture that I took with my digital camera will have to do, even though it's blurry and doesn't provide the true brilliance of this image!

Y'all, ain't that cute?!? Notice that Steamworks is in the background. Dear Lord, how trampy.

I have noticed a trend in the pictures taken of me lately: I always have a cocktail in my hand.

I'm coming dangerously close to turning into that girl you went to college with who is holding a beer and a thumbs up sign in every picture taken of her for a 4 year period. That's not a good thing. Or is it?

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Barrett said...

That picture looks like it was taken through beer goggles. Appropriate.

I'll be in Chicago next weekend. Hope to see you.