Sunday, August 19, 2007

My Favorite Caption Contest Week #6

So many BRILLIANT caption submissions this week! It was hard to pick a winner, so for the first time, I'm going to give out a "First Runner Up" shout out. case the winner this week cannot fulfill his or her official duties and all that...

The "First Runner Up" is Philip who, for some reason that he and I still can't figure out, cannot post a comment on "AYTBIMS."

FYI: "AYTBIMS" is the shortened version of ARE YOU THERE, BLOG? IT'S ME, STEPHEN - - like you didn't know that. If anyone can take the letters AYTBIMS and find a great anagram for this little blog, I'd be forever in your debt.

Philip emailed me this "First Runner Up" Submission: "They will know we are Christians by our calf tattoos."

Check out the picture again. You'll love what Philip has come up with.

But the winner this week is not the mysterious Eric - - no three-peat for Eric. This week's winner is fab-U blogger Shirley Heezgay who wrote...

"Roger bravely disrobed to provide a visual definition of 'Fat Skinny Guy.'"

Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!! Especially since my last bf WAS "Fat Skinny Guy."

Not this EXACT "Fat Skinny Guy" from the pic. But the resemblance between the one in the picture and the one I dated IS uncanny. Isn't it, Master Aaron?

Well, in a departure from superhero (and wannabe superhero) pics, I offer this piece of brilliance for this Week #6. This one is especially for Mike...

Lots to look at and lots to write about, huh?

Damn, I love a boy in a singlet. Two boys in singlets is even better. And when one of them has his head... well... never mind...

Give these boys a caption. Deadline for possible captions is this Friday, August 24th at 5:00 p.m. (CST).


Palm Springs Savant said...

Stephen- These are HILARIOUS, especially the wrestlers. OMG!!! John and I just had a huge chuckle over that.

lance's friend said...

"The yoga lessons finally paid off."

Shirley Heezgay said...

Oh Yay! Thanks, poodle!

Here's one for this week:

"Tired of having his head up his own ass, George wanted to see what it was like inside Dick's."

Donnie v2.0 said...

i'm not even gonna try, but i have to say that wrestling pic is hilar!

Just me Raven. said...

*LMAO!* OH man, Raven needs to stop laughing enough to think of a caption. *G*

Great pic Mr. Stephen!

Mike said...

Did you get that pic from me originally or did I send it to you? I used to have it as my desktop for the longest time but I can't remember where it came from.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Damn! Shirley stole my idea... I'll be back if I think of something else. LMAO on the other captions.

Stephen Rader said...

Rick - Yep, there are some pretty funny MoFo's submitting captions on here! Glad I could give you and John a chuckle!! Isn't the wrestler pic wild?!?!?

Lance's Friend - AMEN!!!! LOL!!! LOVE IT!!

Shirley Heezgay - Okay, friggin' funny!!! Do you think these two are Republicans? :)

Donnie - Thanks! Those boys in that pose are ri-COCK-ulously funny!

Raven - Thank you, too!!! Happy to know I could spread so much laughter on a gloomy Chicago Sunday!

Mike - I have no idea where it came from, but if it came from anyone I know, I'm sure it came from you! We were definitely separated at birth.

Whim - I love that you and Shirley are on the same wavelength with these!!! WOOHOO!!!

jer said...

It's like I always say...Never trust a man who says he's just going to put the tip in...

Lance Noe said...

Ok if JER doesn't win this week... there is no justice.

I have NOTHING that good!

Stephen Rader said...

Philip emailed me with ALL OF THESE caption submissions! Can you tell the boy is a writer?!? Hilarious!

1. Three cheers for the Red Wipin' Blue.

2. Mayor Blogojevich demonstrates to what lengths he'll go to secure The Chicago Olympics.

3. USA. All. The Way.

4. Most frightening of all? There are THREE wrestlers in this picture.

5. Go toward the light, Mary Ann! Go toward the light!!

6. In a word: pinned.

7. Great, now hold that for ten seconds, and you win.

10. And I am telling you. . . ahhhhhm not going. You're the best man I've EVUH known. There's no way ahm lettin' you go. No no no NO way.

11. Conjoined at the most unusual of places, the Capputo twins went on to star in many other films such as "Just the Two of Us," "Pelvis and Butt-head," "My Brother's Sphincter", and of course, the award winning "One Singletted Sensation."

12. "I've got no trouble with Red," said the sound op, impatiently. "But how in the hell do you expect me to mike ol' blue boy?"

13. One of the lesser known challenges from Family Double Dare.

14. And me without a hanky.

15. Unfortunatley, USA came in turd.

16. Other solutions to the common "bad hair day" include the use of gel, a head scarf, or a carefully placed fedora.

17. Bush twins.

18. Blue is obviously in it to win it.

19. I just can't imagine the greco romans doing this nude, can you?

and finally

20. you know how to wrestle, don't you? You just put your legs together and blow.

Stephen Rader said...

Jer - Laughing my ass off funny! And DAMN TRUE!!!!

Lance - I love that you agree!

lance's friend said...

Oh, God, I vote for #11 and #20.

RAD Homo said...

I love these!-- Clever captions from all~Philip is too good..I cant compete with those! My stomach hurts from laughing so hard...

Eric said...

oh well...i guess i had to lose sometime...can you please send me a tissue?

I guess that could be be a caption as well...hmmmmm...i will have to think on it

Michael said...

"Oh my GOD, I could put a couch over THERE, and a futon THERE..."

Shirley Heezgay said...

Wow! These are hysterical!

Jer's made me choke a little! and
Phillip's are all great.

I'm a little jeal.


Oh, and Stephen, I'm pretty sure they're republicans. Can't you see how patriotic they are? LOL

Dovajorth said...

Dwayne realized that yes, Todd did, in fact, give good head.

Stephen Rader said...

Rad Homo - Philip is good, isn't he? These 20 suggestions are brilliant!!

Eric - I think that is an EXCELLENT caption - - "oh well...i guess i had to lose sometime...can you please send me a tissue?" I love it!!!

Michael - Brilliant!!! "Look! There's Jimmy Hoffa!!!"

Shirley Heezgay - Yep, they're Republicans. The head up the ass confirms it!!!

dovajorth - Good head, indeed! BIG HEAD, DEFINITELY!!

Michael said...

ahhhh SHIT.....should have read all of Phillip's before responding.

Mike said...

Yes, I'm pretty sure that even if I didn't send it to you or you didn't sent it to me, we'd both be destined to find such a picture seperately.

The crowd watched stunned at the improbable homoerotic position until the sexual tension was broken when the guy in blue said, in his best Bugs Bunny, "I knew I took the wrong turn at Albuquerque."

Lance Noe said...

OK IT IS LAME! but i feel i must contribute something. i still think jer is winner, ALTHOUGH dovajorth made me laugh out loud and scary the neighbors.

"Always one for taking this literally, Percy listened to his coach and put his head in the game."

Stephen Rader said...

Michael - Philip definitely stacked the deck this week - - 20 brilliant captions!

Mike - If we hadn't met already, I am certain that this picture would have brought us together... like a divining rod. :)

Lance - Oh, I'm sure your Aussie neighbors have heard loud moans coming from your apartment by now!!!

Eric said...

Christmas came early for one lucky wrestler...Full Story at 10.