Friday, August 17, 2007


I'll admit it. I was wrong.

I should have stuck with my initial impression of this Lisa Marie / Elvis project: "uber-silly" and I hate it.

I know the money is going to a good cause and maybe - - maybe! - - I can sit through the song and tolerate Lisa Marie's less-than-Presley-perfect voice, but this video, in a word, SUCKS!

Babies in cribs with guns and fake tears running down Lisa Marie's face?!?

Lisa Marie, your father wore bejewelled pant suits with huge collars and capes with gold lamè eagles printed on them and HE was more subtle than you are in this video!

You don't have to prove every point with a sledgehammer.

'Nuff said.

Watch... if you dare...


Lance Noe said...

she looks strung out in this video!

I wonder what child advocates will have to say about the guns in crips, OH WAIT... I GET IT.... CRIBS!!!!!!!!!!!

people "in the ghetto" don't live in apartments or houses, they live in CRIBS!!!!!

NO, see, this is brilliant! They are pandering to the people who actually LIVE in the ghetto, not to us. We don't have to care, because most white middle class people don't get "it" but I HOWEVER, am HIP!

I thought it was swell and groovy!

Michael said...

Absolutely craptacular!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ugh!...forget the the guns the cribs...Too much EYE SHADOW!!!!

(I could only watch about 30 seconds of this...)

Michael Pacas

Stephen Rader said...

Lance - You may be right. Then again, you may be high!!! :)

Michael - "Absolutely Craptacular!!" That is now the title of my memoirs!

Michael Pacas - Too much eyeshadow, indeed! She looks like Donna Mills in 1987. T'ain't fittin'. Just t'aint' fittin'.

Kristie said...

She looks like a crack whore.

She said she wanted to make this for the charity because of the devastation she still saw in new orleans. Then why not do some live video shoot in the streets of the still trashed buildings with kids playing among the rubble. Would have been much more moving and driven the point home better.

jer said...

it looks like ass...and i don't mean that in a happy way. the tear? wtf? she's stupid.

Stephen Rader said...

Kristie - I agree! THAT footage would have made a real point about the devastation that still exists in New Orleans.

Jer - Yep. The tear. Ri-COCK-ulous!

Shirley Heezgay said...

This just isn't right. Ever since Natalie did this type of duet, anyone trying to pull this off, just can't. give me a break.

Stephen Rader said...

Shirley Heezgay - I agree. Leave this to Ms. Cole and be done with it.

And this means YOU, Lorna!!!