Saturday, August 04, 2007

Our Annual Vacation Photo

My brother had a great idea a couple of years ago on our annual vacation in Hilton Head, SC - - buy a cheap, disposable, water-resistant camera for $10 and take pictures of the two of us and my mom in the ocean.

Then, we go to the Internet Cafe / Souvenir Shop, buy one of those tacky vacation frames, put one of the pictures in it and give it to my mom.

She now has three of these in her apartment. This will make four.

But look at this fun picture that we have from this year's vacation...

Isn't that great?!? I love the "Norma Desmond Put Vaseline-On-The-Lens" glowy quality it has and the way the light is shimmering off the water in the lower left hand corner of the picture.

On our first visit to Hilton Head, my brother bought my mother that cheap, little round float and it is now her favorite possession at the beach.

My mother likes nothing better than to lay back in the water inside that float and just drift. The more calm the waves are, the better.

When the day comes that my mother is no longer with us on this planet, this is how I will picture her in Heaven.

Laying back. At peace. Not a care in the world.


Palm Springs Savant said...

Stephen, these are great photos of your Mama. I actually like the way the sunlight is glistening off of the surface of the water. BTW- your brother looks cute!!


Ra-Ra-RAVEN! Okay, Just call me Raven. said...


Absolutely lovely. You're mom is teh cute and the water looks really, really cool and inviting.

I can't stand swimming in pools unless they're really BIG pools else I'd rather swim a river or the sea. ^^

Lance Noe said...

You know Stevie, that is EXACTLY how I picture my mom in heaven too. SHe loved the pic! Thank you for those pictures, though I am getting a bit tear, it was nice to share your memories. May they last FOREVER!

Stephen Rader said...

Rick - Thank you! And you should know that my brother is also gay... and single. :)

Raven - Thank you!!! My mom is cute, isn't she? :)

Lance - You are the sweetest man I know. Anytime you want to come on vacation with me and mom and Jeff, say the word. You are family!

RAD Homo said...

Mothers Rock--We are going with my mom to Hawaii next month-- she was telling me last night on her list she has to start so shes prepared--she is so excited--As my mom call us gay boys-"Mothers Darlings" Aren't we though?

Stephen Rader said...

Rad Homo - "Mothers Darlings!" I love it!!! I know you will have an incredible time with you mom in Hawaii! That sounds like a blast!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you were staying near the Holiday Inn on S. Forest Beach Drive. I love the Tiki Hut!!! Have a drink for me. I have been reading your blog now for about 3 months. Love it! I must say I was supposed to come to HH this weekend. If I do How do I find you? - Mark (

Stephen Rader said...

Mark - Wow, what a damn small world! And you're right, that's the Tiki Hut.

Where do you stay when you're in HH? I'll have limited access to my email there - - very limited. But let me know if you make it to HH.

Do you have a blog too? :)