Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Prince Harry (Almost) Full Monty

Okay, I think the moon must be in the House of Kutcher or something, because apparently, this is Punk'd Week.

Here's the deal: Undiesdrawer.com (via The Drudge Report) just announced that Prince Harry will be the cover boy for this months Radar Magazine in - - you guessed it - - his underwear.

Here's the cover from their site...

Why do I think we're being Punk'd? Well you see, today is National Underwear Day.

No, I'm serious. It really is National Underwear Day. But don't go crazy. It's not a National Holiday or anything. You still have the feed the meters, folks.

And since this is National Underwear Day (Dear Lord...), I think that Radar Magazine is just throwing out a funny fake cover to get some blog buzz.

Guess what? It worked. I mean, "Prince Harry In His Boxers" - - I'm in.

And if I'm wrong and this actually is the real cover and there are more pictures of Prince Harry in his boxers inside, you better believe I will be purchasing this issue of Radar Magazine as soon as it hits the stands.

They should pay me to advertise their mag. "Rader Reads Radar!" Sweet.


Lance's friend said...

The face does sort of look photoshopped on. The body is of some random dude and the face is one when the tabloids caught him coming out of a crack house or something.

Master Aaron said...

Hmmm...underwear...is that, like an all-day codpiece? Where does one purchase this appliance?

RAD Homo said...

good fake-- We can only hope its like this or BETTER!!-- Prince Harry is such a babe -- but then Im a red head lova so of course I lova him....cant wait to see if this story is indeed true! -- one can only hope! Ok also sorry about the deletes--I had some issues posting this comment!

Stephen Rader said...

Lance's Friend - Prince Harry coming out of a crack house. I dare Elton John to write a "Goodbye English Rose" type song about that!!!

Master Aaron - Don't worry about that word, Sir. It's for bottoms. Well, when a hole is torn in the back side, it's for bottoms...

Rad Homo - I love me some redheads, too!!! I usually say, "The redder the better" when I'm talking about rednecks, but guys sporting a nice "burning bush" are the hottest!

"Burning bush." That too much? Yeah, it probably is... :)

underneath said...

What a great "dream come true" cover - Harry`s colours really turn me on.

Stephen Rader said...

Underneath - I agree. Harry turns me on in so many ways.

Very sexy blog you've got there, by the way. I love it.