Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wild Women of Boho

Last night, I was thrilled to attend the first of only three performances of a truly incredible cabaret show entitled THE WILD WOMEN OF BOHO.

Now, those of you who may have received a postcard or an email about this show may think that I'm being a little self-aggrandizing by complimenting a show that I'm listed as co-directing with Lili-Anne Brown, but please know that my "direction" of this show was little more than suggesting where they should position their microphones and encouraging these amazing women to follow their uber-talented instincts.

These six women - - Jess Godwin, Cassandra Liveris, Vanessa Panerossa, Jennifer Jordan Rhoads, Karen-Marie Richardson, and Blair Robertson - - met a few years ago when they were cast in Bohemian Theatre Ensemble's first production of the musical, THE WILD PARTY.

The show is about them, their lives, the struggles of being a theatre artist, the production that brought them together and their friendships that remain strong to this day.

These women are outstanding musical performers and their musical director, Nick Sula, is a godsend! His arrangements are breathtaking. The music he makes is thrilling. And he's damn cute.

Now, I had obviously seen a few run thru's of this piece and knew this group was wonderful, but last night, they brought this cabaret show to amazing heights.

My Daddy always says, "You don't know what you look like till you get your picture taken." After their performances last night, we now know that all of these women and Nick could (and should) perform cabaret all the time. We also know that this show is honestly not to be missed.

Bohemian Theatre Ensemble is big supporter of Season of Concern, so I urge anyone in Chicago to make plans to see THE WILD WOMEN OF BOHO on either Monday, April 23rd or Monday, April 30th at Davenport's Piano Bar & Cabaret.

You've only got the next two Mondays so see this. And if you miss it, you're a damn fool!

Congratulations to Jess, Cassie, Vanessa, Jenn, Karen-Marie, Blair and Nick for an outstanding performance last night!

And thanks to Lil for her direction, and most especially, to Brooke for organizing this event and making sure everything was taken care of at all times - - you are a goddess!

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