Friday, April 27, 2007

1,000 Days From Now

When I moved my personal email account from AOL to Google a few months ago, I discovered something amazing - - the Google Homepage.

I love it. I love it so hard. All the little ways I can personalize it. Love it.

One of my favorite personalizations is a Countdown. When I added the first Countdown to my Google Homepage, I had no idea what I wanted to countdown to - - so, I chose the first milestone that popped into my head.

My 40th birthday.

And today, ladies and gentleman, is milestone for the countdown of that milestone.

One Thousand days from today, I will turn 40.

Yes, this is a special day for me.

Gifts are not necessary, but if you must, I am registered at Macy's, Graham Cracker Comics and Undergear.


Speaking of Undergear, this is the picture that greets you on the homepage for Undergear.

I think I have a New Imaginary Boyfriend.


Aaron said...

I hate you for your youth...:-)

(Good taste in imaginary boyfriends, though!)

Stephen Rader said...

Aaron - Please, I've seen you up close and in person and if you are older than I am, there's a portrait in your closet! I'm the one who looks like the love-child of Uncle Fester and Paul Lynde.

And thanks for enjoying my New Imaginary Boyfriend. Ah, lifeguards. If only I had never learned how to swim... :)

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

God we're getting old!

Speaking of, my cousin is now on blood pressure medication and has to use reading glasses!!! This all happened in a one month period

Just a reminder, HE turns 40 next January.

So old...

Stephen Rader said...

Whim - To quote Edina from ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS, "It's like I hit an oil patch at 35 and started skidding towards the grave." OY!!!