Friday, April 20, 2007

The Much Needed Link

It's coming. Very soon. What we've all been waiting for.

The celluloid connection that will forever link GREASE with GREASE 2.

The film version of the Broadway musical HAIRSPRAY is coming.

How will this movie connect the dots between GREASE (where it's leading lady famously sang HOPELESSLY DEVOTED TO YOU) and GREASE 2 (where it's leading lady humped a ladder and sang a forgettable song named COOL RIDER)?

Well, that COOL RIDER chick was Michelle Pfeiffer and she is playing the blonde and bitchy Velma Von Tussle in HAIRSPRAY. Velma is the bitchy mom.

Who plays the nice mom with a heart of gold, you ask? Why John Travolta, of course!

Yes, John is doing his best Rudy Guiliani impersonation (a.k.a. "drag") and plays Edna Turnblad.

And while I would much rather have Harvey Fierstein re-create his brilliant Broadway performance as Edna in this film, I can't wait to see Stephanie Zinone meet Danny Zuko on screen.

Even if Danny will be wearing a dress.

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