Monday, April 16, 2007

The Former Wife of Renee Zellweger

This - - and I mean this with all my heart - - this is why I love the South!

The song. Not the singer.

Before you watch the video that I'm talking about, I have to mention something - - I just read that Kenny Chesney grew up in my hometown on Knoxville, TN. He attended Gibbs High School and graduated two years after I did.

I graduated from Powell High School. At our football games, the cheerleaders from Gibbs and other neighboring schools used to shout...

"Shoo. Shoo.
What do I smell?

Funny, Gibbs girls. Real friggin' funny.

And if you recall, Kenny Chesney was married to Renee Zellweger for all of four months. Renee had the marriage annulled citing "fraud."

We all know Renee is the ultimate "Fruit Fly." (Did you see her drunk out of her mind at the Golden Globes a few years ago? LOVED IT!!!)

Sounds like she not only slept with one of her fag friends - - she married him and THEN realized...

"Oh my God. I married a gay man.

Or maybe Renee walked onto Kenny's tour bus and found him teaching his good friend, Peyton Manning, all about "dominant chords."

Either way, if this video doesn't prove that Kenny Chesney is, as my father says, "queer as a football bat," I don't know what will!!!


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Well the song is definitely gay.

Stephen Rader said...

Whim - Yeah, but come on. Renee had the marriage annulled and gave "fraud" as the reason she was leaving him. What else do we need for her to announce he's gay? Flashcards? :)

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Apparently yes...

Stephen Rader said...

Whim - LOL! Ok, your response just made me laugh out loud because I can HEAR YOU SAYING IT!! :) I love you!!!

Michael said...

A) Gay

B) So Gay

C) Was Jessica Simpson unavailable?