Monday, April 02, 2007

A Good Sport

It is now official - - I have the most talented friends alive on the friggin' planet!

And you know what that means? Yep! I'm planning on riding their coattails all the way to the top!

Or at least to Schaumburg.

Hey, don't knock Schaumburg - - they have an IKEA and an Olive Garden!!!

It's heaven in a 3 block radius!!!

The following clip features two - - count 'em, TWO!! - - friends of mine who are also bloggers whose links you can find right here on ARE YOU THERE, BLOG?

And as if that doesn't make me uber-cool through association, the director of this vid is an incredibly talented friend of mine - - Baby Jon!!!

Congratulations to each of you! And everyone else, check out their movie! It is damn funny!

And as a fabulous North Shore woman (who looked so old, she possibly dated Moses) told me after one of my cabaret shows...

"You're so funny - - and I know from funny!!"

P.S. Baby Jon entered A GOOD SPORT into a video contest at I.O. Best of luck, Jon! This video is definitely a winner!


Lance Noe said...

Ok I have a question, do you know anything about a joke about corn and Carol Channing? I was ACCOSTED by this Canadian faggot this weekend about not knowing it. He of course, just went on and on and on with out saying what it was and how I should be ashamed!

I vaguely remember something abotu someone saying, "Corn! I don't remember eating corn!" But was this her? Any info?

Of course this little bitch didn't know who Tallulah Bankhead was or Anything about the rivalry between her Bette Davis and Davis and Joan Crawford. DON"T ASK! FAG FIGHTS GET WEIRD!

We live in Seoul, South Korea - not much to talk about!

Master Aaron said...

Dear, dear Lance, this is what happens when you stop to talk to them! If you don't want them Biblically, IMMEDIATELY, and/or they aren't willing to give you large amounts of cash IMMEDIATELY, just walk away. There are other people with which to converse.

I, like you, know there is a corn joke. I believe it was too scatological to print. Or even tell. Or remember. Even for me. And I don't remember it having anything to do with Carol Channing, but then I wouldn't remember that, I never think of her, I am much too young to have seen any of her work.

Rader, you haven't had a new imaginary boyfriend since March 25th. What's up? Gettin' soft? (Pun intended)

My congrats to the newly famous bloggers! Look over your shoulder, Rader has hold of your windbreaker!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

LOL! I've had hair experiences almost as bad but nowhere nearly that expensive.

Stephen Rader said...

Lance - Yes, there is an urban legend of someone being in the stall next to Ms. Channing and hearing her exclaim, "Corn?!??! When did I have corn?!?!?," but there is no proof of this whatsoever. And since every damn theatre person knows someone who knows someone who was IN the stall BESIDE Ms. Channing when she ACTUALLY SAID THAT, the show story would be described by Ms. Alanda Coon in the following way:

"This is some bullshit."

Aaron - I will respond to your "What's up? Gettin' soft" very soon. Hell hath no fury like a redneck queen scorned!

Whim - Salons like the one in this vid make me slightly happy that I look like Yul Brenner fucked Teddy Savalas and I popped out! Slightly...