Monday, April 30, 2007

Mission Accomplished?

I just found this in the Chicago Tribune's "Images in the News" section...

A protester dressed as the Grim Reaper displays a tally of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq during a rally on April 29, to mark the fourth anniversary of President Bush's "Mission Accomplished" speech in Washington, DC.

President Bush is expected to veto the Iraq funding bill this week that
includes a timetable for the withdrawal of troops.

Next year, if we are still in this war with no schedule for the withdrawl of our troops, I suggest that instead of one Grim Reaper carrying a sign with the number of U.S. soldiers killed in the War in Iraq, we march on Washington with one Grim Reaper per U.S. soldier killed.

Can you imagine if 3,351 Grim Reapers had stood outside of the White House yesterday?

Of course, waiting until one year from yesterday would mean that another thousand of our soldiers would be killed and we simply cannot wait that long.

One more day is too long.


yinyang said...

Maybe there should be lurking Grim Reapers, and they could all be gathered for the deaths now. With each new confirmed death, a new Grim Reaper should present him- or herself. I also think there should be some sort of mummy or zombie representation of the wounded (both physically and psychologically). That sounds like a good start.

And if Bush vetoes the bill... "Doesn't matter. [They'll] still be there. Waiting."

Sorry. That was a Firefly reference. Maybe Whim will come along to appreciate it.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

*comes along and appreciates Yinyang's Firefly reference, her zombie idea, and yet another great post from Stephen.*

Stephen Rader said...

yinyang & whim - Obviously, I am going to have to watch all of FIREFLY because if you two like it and my friend Mike (Logopolis) likes it, it has to be good!!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

It is beyond good so watch it and then the movie Serenity!

Stephen Rader said...

Whim - I'm putting both on my list to watch asap! :)