Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Numbers Keep Growing

In the short time that I have been making an effort to track the increase in U.S. Soldier Casualties in the Iraq War...

...a period of only 6 days...

...I have been horrified to watch the death count rise nearly every single time that I check the Iraq Coalition Casualty Count web site.

In 6 days, the number of United States soldiers who have lost their lives fighting the War in Iraq increased from 3,244 to 3,257!

That amounts to THIRTEEN U.S. soldiers dead in only SIX days!

This is only the number of soldiers who have died. Many others are wounded each and every day.

The increase is shocking.

I said that I was going to keep track of the these figures on my blog, but before today, I didn't quite know how to do it. At first, I thought I would include an update at the end of each post. Then, I decided to create a special section that would show the number of U.S. soldiers who had died along with some general information about the most recent individuals who lost their lives in Iraq.

But our soldiers are being killed so quickly - - much faster than I realized - - so now, I have decided to leave each update's casualty number in that section of my blog - - with newer updates being added to the top of the old updates - - to give some small visual reference to these horrific casualty rates.

Look at the column - - even with only four updates on it - - and then tell me which of these is America's true tragedy:

1) Howard Stern promoting Sanjaya on AMERICAN IDOL?


2) American soldiers losing their lives in a war we have no hope to win?

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whimsicalnbrainpan said...

One of the reasons I love to watch the McLaughlin Group is because every week he gives the total number of dead including suicides, and wounded including mental illness soldiers.