Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I Want To Do Joy

In a recent online poll on some ridiculous web site, I was asked which current member of THE VIEW I would most like "to do."

I chose Joy Behar.

And while I was not in the majority with my answer, this exchange about Alberto Gonzales from yesterday's episode of THE VIEW shows just why Joy - - to reference a line from THE BREAKFAST CLUB - - "really pumps my nads."

Elisabeth Hasselbeck - "I believe that if the Bush administration wants to retain credibility..."

Joy Behar - "Retain?!? I'm retaining more water than they're retaining credibility!"

Elisabeth - "If they want to retain credibility, he (Bush) would recommend the he (Alberto Gonzales) resign. I think that would be the best thing."

Joy - "When a guy (says) 'I don't recall' 75 times! If that were me, I'd be in Assisted Living now! The guy cannot remember anything! 75 times! At the very least, he might have dementia."

Thank you, Joy.

Now, lay down you hot, funny bitch!!