Monday, April 30, 2007


While my good friend over at Ono is in Alaska fishing with his father, I will take over his duties as "Critic of All Things Rachael Ray" and provide you with this interesting tidbit of info from EOnline...

Dunkin' Donuts added a double shot of perk to its brew Thursday, announcing plans to team up with Food Network star-turned-Oprah aspirant Rachael Ray to launch a new health-conscious menu for which Ray will also serve as spokeswoman.

Ray's official duties include being an all-around cheerleader, er "brand representative," for the Boston-based chain. In her new capacity Ray will be integrally involved in the development of the chain's "better for you" line of food and drinks, which aims to cut out all trans fats from its menu.

"I am excited to work with Dunkin' Donuts' team of chefs as they expand their menu to include new items for customers looking for more health-conscious options," she said.

The 30-Minute mistress will extoll the yummo virtues of sugar-covered dough and high-octane joe in television, print and radio ads, as well as in-store appearances for the pastry purveyors."Everyone always asks me how I manage my schedule," said the ever peppy Ray, "and the answer is coffee." (Stop the presses.)

"Having grown up in the Northeast, I have a long-standing and deep appreciation for Dunkin' Donuts coffee," she added.

"We believe there is tremendous synergy between Dunkin' Donuts and Rachael Ray," said Robert Rodriguez, the chain's president. "Rachael's philosophy of creating quality meals quickly and without pretense for busy people living busy lives is the same driving force behind the Dunkin' Donuts brand."

I would comment on all of this but A) the story is so ridiculous, it speaks for itself and B) this artwork from Gallery of the Absurd says it all.


khainajr said...

HA!!! That, my friend, is brilliant. This story truly is absurd and I thank you for finding it and bringing it to the masses. btw my Dad is always saying "yumm-o" around here and I think he may soon receive a kick to the junk. Hope all is well.

Stephen Rader said...

khainajr - I am SO glad you saw this!!! I was hoping you would! How ridiculous is this story?!?!?!

So glad to hear you're having fun with your dad. And if he says "yumm-o" one more time, a kick to the junk is DEFINITELY called for!!!

Safe travel!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I'll stick with the unhealthy Krispy Kremes thank you.

Stephen Rader said...

Whim - Amen!! Krispy Kremes are God's gift to theh common man!!!

Michael said...

JESUS CHRIST.....I looked at that picture and plotzed!!!!

Bob said...

OMG. HATE ABHOR LOATHE Rachel Ray. What healthy options does she think she will offer anyone who goes into D&D? She's a moron.

If you haven't already, look for the MadTV sketches on youtube of Nicole Parker doing Rachel's $40/day meal. It's comedic gold.